This Site Is In Transition

13 July 2010

That's right folks, Sweet Nothings is moving to a different domain name. As to what Google advised, the transition will take 3 days at the most. 

I'm really overwhelmed with this move. It's mixed emotions.

  •  I'm a little scared, because I'm not familiar with the process, that I might miss out on some things that   might delete Sweet Nothings completely.
  •  I'm happy because this is an achievement for me as a regular blogger. It really pays to  have your own domain name. It's self-fulfilling, because I know that it sheds  importance to the blogs I post online. The  "domain name" is a huge term to represent all stories.
  •  In terms of money- generating purposes, might as well take advantage of it. Maximize what I can gain while I have my own domain name.
  •  Xtraordinarymom will always be xtraordinarymom. This term truly defines me as a person and what I have accomplished and still achieving as a mother and wife.

I decided to stick to this 1 yr old design for Sweet Nothings made by Ms. Carlota of My Web Blog Dot Com. It's my site's first look that guaranteed me that--- "yes Enchie you now have a real website design and it matches one of the website must-haves". And I am very honored to have given this chance to meet people who are very caring like Ms. Carlorta.

Please bear if some widgets are missing or if you find it difficult searching.


pehpot said...

why 3 days? you buy your domain at blogger mismo?

Enchie said...

hi mommy yes from blogger mismo

Tetcha said...

Good move! Congrats, Enchie!

Chris said...

congratulations! :D

Jhari said...

Wtg Mommy Chie.

Me too I had my domain registered a few months back. Thanks to the help of Mommy Chris for guiding me with the process coz I was scared as well that everything will be deleted. Hehe! Madali lang din pala. And in return, I helped a friend too when she enrolled with her domain din. Hehe!

Beth said...

Hi enchie, ako din, I bought na a personal domain, pero di ko pa naaasikaso. I bought it kasi from GoDaddy kaya mejo mabusisi. I also bought another domain for another blog hehehe. I'll let you know pag up na un bago. :)