W0W: Playing With A 13 Year Old

08 July 2010

1. He is not Filipino
2. It's summer in their country
3. I don't know his real name, he doesn't know mine.
4. We consider each other as friends. We help one another and we give advises to each other.
5. Proof that's he is a 13 yr. old? His attitude naturally comes out. No other person pretending can fake that.
6. Feels like I'm baby-sitting my own kid- only online. Can't imagine when my very own son starts playing such games.
7. Common thought: "WHY SO SERIOUS, IT'S JUST A GAME". Players will really fight for whatever stuff they need for their character. I witnessed players fighting and cursing each other just because the other one played poorly. If that's the case help each other. Others are too greedy because they can make money out  of it. It's that serious.

The World Of Warcraft brought so much color into my life online. I was scared to try it at first, because I  know that I will have encounters with players---(real people from around the world) with different attitude and perspectives. I was afraid to be looked down as a beginner. Well, it turned out exactly the opposite of what I've thought earlier. 
  •  We have friends who are pioneers in this game. Masters I call them. They helped me through. With them around, I'm well-protected from bad players.
  •  My husband, is also a Master Player.  So nice! He's like my knight and shining armor...
A picture of me and my husband riding our so-called family car in W0W.
  • The books that came with the battle chest helped a lot.
  • Patience is key.
  • World of Warcraft  will serve a silver platter full of opportunities on how to become a better person and player on the side. Since it's a game that involves real people playing, W0W opened rules and guidelines on how to deal with other players the right way. A list that are also applicable in real life.  Even in the gaming world a person reflects his personality. There's such thing as Etiquette In The World of Warcraft. And we all thought that it's just an ordinary game...
My story with this 13 year old is different, yes, we are playing, but other than that,  on our game chat he shares stories about his experiences with other players, how poorly he was treated, because he can't cope. As a friendly advise, I told him that I had several similar experiences, but I just ignored it, and I made sure I wouldn't play with those people again. I felt the connection. Here I am, a 31 yr. old mom sharing her thoughts to a 13 yr. old kid. At this point, we're both on the same level of thinking.

To end, I gained friends through World of Warcraft by helping other players and by staying positive.

There's more to watch out for with my W0W (World of Warcraft) experience. Let me post that on a different blog. :D


♥peachkins♥ said...

It really is a different world out there when you're playing online games. I used to play a lot but when I started managing the shop and taking care of my daughter, I stopped playing online games. Simple games na lang..mga big fish games..hahah

Enchie said...

Hi Peachy! Naku it's super out of this world talaga. And I also love Big Fish games, don't forget Popcap games too :D

Clarissa said...

How envious!How I wish I have much time playing computer games or being online.Kaka-excite kaya!paminsan-minsan na lang ako sa ere--pati FB,napapabayaan ko na.
Siguro hanggang tamagotchi na lang ako--nakikihati pa ako sa anak ko lol!

Enchie said...

Hi Clang! uy, thanks for the visit. LOve ko din Tamagotchi, college ako meron akong isa :D At nafra-frustrate ako ha, pag hindi ko napakain. lol!