The Return of the Has Been

06 July 2010

His been there, loved the spotlight, took the time off, and now... It was the night when my husband, Dolf Cruz to his fellow musicians officially came back and embraced his love for music. Held at the Penguin Bar Makati City, Franky and I showed support. The most important thing that happened that night was our son being able to watch his father play on stage for the very first time.My husband stopped playing when we got married. Well, he believed that he was at the moment of discovering his purpose in life. Family came first. He slowly moved from being an active jazz guitarist to a private jazz music teacher. Teaching jazz became one of our source of income when we were still starting. Through it , he gained support from friends that eventually gave him more students to teach. And one of them is a professional airline pilot.  I just couldn't believe the no. of young professionals who wanted to learn jazz. Just the thought inspired my husband not to let go of something he already have.
 After 6 years, he was able to play again. Richie Quirino a famous musician in the industry looked for him. And to tell you, a person who took his time and went out  of his way just to look for my husband was truly a great honor. It was the sign he needed to get back on track. Thank you Sir Richie  Quirino for this rare opportunity, we are truly grateful. One of the things I keep on telling my husband is to embrace the things he is very passionate about. Always remember, that there are ways, even the smallest ever to find and pick up those lost pieces that binds us with the things that inspires us the most. Letting go totally  will only give us frustrations and never-ending questions of why?, what happened?and how come?

And when I thought all is also ending for my love for taking pictures...

July 3 marked another wonderful event for our family. Aside from my husband's come back, our son, enjoyed his dad's music, I was able to take random portraits of my man in action. He asked me if I can shoot him. Of course the answer is Yes. One opportunity opened another.
It was an eye-opener for us as a person, as a couple and as a family. "May blessings na naman kami"  those blessings may not come in material form, but it's the ultimate moving factor to complete us as individuals both mind and heart. This last photo was taken by our son Franky. A perfect portrait symbolizing true passion and love for music and for family. Life has always been very giving to us. I pray for it to continue... we will never forget to be thankful.


Mylene said...

God Bless to your husband :)

Franky is showing his talent in photography :) He will surely be very a talented young man in the near future.

Clarissa said...

awww...congratulations to your husband for making a comeback.It's a blessing talaga that someone looked for your husband that made him to come back again to his passion in music.Happy for you and your family,Mommy Enchie.

Nakuha ni Franky ang talent nya sa photography sa yo--magaling na bata ^_^