GT: How Emotional Can You Get

29 July 2010

How emotional can you get? Let's put it this way, when I became a mom, I always "try" to control my feelings. I need to be stronger and wiser on gauging things, to a point that most of the time I just laugh  at certain situations or I simply ignore them. 

When I talk about situations, these are scenarios concerning my son, my husband and the whole family. It's the same when it comes to my  personal encounters. I used to be a cry- baby, I 'm not a fighter. When I get into situations, I just turn my back and cry. Most people underestimated me being that emotional Being. It's different now, motherhood blessed me to become a stronger person. I don't think twice anymore, if you hurt me and  I think you're not worth my time even to talk things out with, that person or situation is bound to be left out and to be forgotten. "Sometimes", it's better to always put in mind that we have better things to do in my life,  than waste time on something that's just holding us back. This way, I end up being more productive, I hurt less people and I encounter less situations. Result: I am more happy. I move-on in life faster.
It was nice to be able to share my emotional side. We all have our differences, even with what I've said, respect for yourself and for others has always been the key to be emotionally stable.


Vernz said...

naku enchie, not if you're living with an in-law...LOL ... but true, I don't worry about things beyond my control though but sometimes it just find its way out ... hahahah... My GT is here

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ShutterHappyJenn said...

May pagka-ganyan din ako... sometimes I just laugh it off or ignore it. I am happy I am learning it now.. naku, a few years back, cry baby din ako.

My GT post is up HERE.

K said...

i just came from mys and she said the same thing about motherhood being the key to her emotional growth. i guess when you have kids depending on your for support, you have no choice but to be the stronger person for them kasi sayo lng naman tlga sila kukuha ng ganung guidance :)