GT: A Piece Of My Mind

14 July 2010

Over-all, I am just an average person with an average brain. There are plenty  of ways to represent this week's theme on Girls Talk. I'll do mine by enumerating several approaches I make to be mentally healthy.

To keep a healthy mind I make it a point that I pull out the good benefits from the things I do daily, situations I deal with and one of a kind individuals I encounter every day.

Keeping a positive disposition in life is my main weapon to fight off stress, frustrations and building insecurities.

On maintaining a healthy mind, I meditate everyday. Every morning I save some quiet time for myself. I close my eyes, I focus and clear my mind for the new things that's about to take place  within another bright day , then I say a thankful prayer.

On being productive, blogging is my #1 motivator. To be able to share my thoughts anytime to people from around the globe makes my brain healthy as ever. 

Reading books is also a plus factor. 

A healthy conversation is a must.

As a couple, my husband and I would indulge ourselves every weekend  to a full body massage.  We believe that relaxing helps a lot. That's when Phone-A-Massage comes in. We get to choose the time and the no. of  continuing hours we want for our massage. If our masseuse is not available, we go to the mall to have our therapy. It's revitalizing I must say. Your 300 bucks is definitely worth it, especially if it's going to be beneficial for both your body and mind.

*If you live around Quezon City, Phone-A-Massage offers Php250 per hour of Swedish massage and I highly recommend Big Apple Express Spa located in Robinsons Galleria. We always go for Balinese Massage (Aromatherapy Massage). Getting pampered doesn't even cost as much.

And dealing with a 5 year old? Conversing with your child and teaching your child are good refreshments. They're one of the things I love as a mother. My mind is relaxing and enjoying at the same time. What harm can an innocent child bring? Yes, sometimes we're exhausted, but the mind is getting entertained  and satisfied by the small accomplishments our child is making.

Don't forget:  A Healthy Body Supports A Healthy Mind (and vice versa)

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♥peachkins♥ said...

Nainggit daw ako at di na ako nakakapag-pa-massage. It's really important to relax, no?? makapagpa-massage nga...

f e R r y j H o i said...

ow! a complete thoughts here Sis.. Nice post. am not fond of reading but I love conversation and a full body massage whoa!!! hihihi

Happy Girls Talk

jganlising said...

ehehe thnks sis...
So, grabe dami maintainance n kailanagn ng mind =))

sa blogging n nga lang ako kahit papanu natuto mag construct ng mga paragraph...ehehheh medyo habang nag e - english ka..medyo natututo k dn...reading is also good in mind.
Honor student ako cguro kasi masipag ako =)) hays...husband ko nde honor student pero matalino...kasi cguro tamad =))

I can see you are jackpot coz you are beautiful din =) Youre blessed =)
hihihih....take care!

charmie said...

wow sis, imitmized.. Very good indeed!

Happy GT!

Rossel said...

very well said sis. i love massage too. very relaxing indeed.

you can seemy entry here...

Pinay Expat said...

nice entry! you're right healthy body equates healthy mind! There is nothing more to refresh mind and spirit by getting enough sleep too. Have a nice day!

K said...

spot on! reading books and engaging in good conversations is a great way to exercise the mind :)

Lucia ♥ said...

I love your entry :)
I also blog to ventile out a little cause sharing my thoughts with everyone brings peace to my mind :) Nobody should have to hold anything inside and if you have no one to talki to, blogging is a great way to relax a bit :) Oh and I can't say how much I LOVE BOOKS! Can't imagine mz life without them ;)

Have a nice weekend dearie <3

Chris said...

wow, those are great ideas! :D

-=einz=- said...

love this post! Hays... full body massage... my long-time plan.

AC said...

sabi nga nila, massage daw is not a luxury, but a necessity... I am so kuripot so it was not an option when we're in Pinas, lalo na ngayon na nasa mahal kameng bansa... but if given the chance, I would want that to include in our budget... thanks for the great post ate ench... so enlightening!

Tetcha said...

Your mind will always be at work if you have a preschooler in the house. Your son, like my four-year-old, talks and asks questions non-stop, I bet! I'm sure you sometimes run out of answers, too. LOL!