Pictures Lasts Forever

30 June 2010

First of all let us define the difference between a picture and a photograph. I was able to find the following definitions from my favorite photography magazine:  i-mag magazine

i-mag magazine always have a page in their every issue that defines the terms Photograph, Image, Print and Picture. It's a very useful section especially for photography enthusiasts. 

A different review on i-mag soon...

A photograph is basically anything that comes out of our cameras. Whether the medium is film, digital sensor or sensitized paper for pinhole cameras. If it is made according to the primary definition which is "drawing with light", it is a photograph.

A picture on the other hand is a print of a photograph.

After all the digital advancements and all the present modernization on photography, I still go back to the old -fashioned way of having a hard copy for every fine shot taken. These are photographs taken from late 2009 to present, finally, I was able to have them printed.
sweet nothings
Family pictures from various events, landscapes, some portraits and even our wackiest pictures. Going digital placed my mind off a bit from printing. The photo albums I have piled up in just a few months. Thanks to that Photo Contest, it gave me the initiative to have what's needed to be printed out. 

One important task I've done was having my favorite picture of my boys printed and placed in a picture frame. Now, it's right on my computer desk and beside my shelly souvenir . Even the Kodak people who printed it out for me liked this photo. They asked me to tell the story behind the picture. To complete this blog, I will also share it with you.
sweet nothings
This was taken in Nasugbu Batangas last October 2009.  Just to ease out the hardships we went through the day and the week after the typhoon and a month after we recovered from typhoon Ondoy. We just thought that a trip out of town would change things a bit. And it really helped because we witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets ever. Nobody else was at the beach except us with the calm waves of the ocean and the cool breeze. I stood by the shore with my tripod and waited for the right moment... and here it is in this picture presented in this blog. It's just being at the right place and time. This trip wasn't even planned.

All of this printing made me think of buying Canon's Photo Printer. It will probably cost the same. With a photo printer at home, anytime, you'll have a hard copy of your favorite photo in your hands. I've been contemplating on it for a very long time. I mean, I am also saving up for a brand new lens and other camera accessories.  Buying everything all together is not really a good idea.

Scenario:  It's been 2 years since I bought my dslr, it's about time that I also upgrade my gear and now, a photo printer which is also going to be useful on preserving memories. So what will it be? to Canon Selphy or not?


Chris said...

I think you should go for the printer!

by the way, you are really good with the photographs!!

as for me, im losing hope.. i guess i just wasn't born with that talent. but i still love taking pictures and documenting everything :)

Enchie said...

Hi Chris! Just keep taking pictures at your own time. For the past months, I lay low from taking pictures too. Yung Photo Contest lang talaga nag pabago ng lahat, at ako pa yung kulelat kasi luma dslr ko lol!