Laguna Hot Springs Perfect For Summer

02 June 2010

My latest discovery: The Original Laguna Hot Springs perfect for summer.

A week before our small outing, I was talking to my dad planning a summer getaway. Since everyone is busy  and school's about to start, he suggested we go to Laguna instead of  the beach. From there, we started this debate whether the Hot Springs fits the whole summer feel. My point, it's already a "Hot Spring" and it's SUMMER. The words Hot+ Summer doesn't go well just thinking about it. Anyway, my dad a frequent visitor of the only Natural Hot Spring in Laguna told me that the waters of the Laguna Hot Spring isn't as hot/ warm during summer. Scientific explanation, I don't wanna hear. So okay it's worth a try, we'll never know until we actually go and have a dip in the pool right?  We packed our swimsuits bought food to be grilled and lots of fresh fruits to match.
The whole theory about the hot springs water? Well, my dad was right. The water from the hole isn't as warm, as a matter of fact the temperature is like of an ordinary swimming pool, but the spot where it's natural steam comes out, is still hot. Why The Hot Springs, not go to the beach? Hot Spring water is very therapeutic we didn't even bother to put suntan lotion on the kids.
I myself got healed after our swimming last Sunday. I developed this skin allergy right beside my left ear. It was very itchy, and I tried all sorts of  medicines and I stayed away from dried fish and shrimps (which was the cause). Considering that I pay for face steaming, might as well take advantage of the natural steam that comes out of the pool.  I went underwater so that my skin will absorb everything. You know what, the following day, when I woke up, there was no trace of my skin allergy on my face. Ang galing!
  •  Sulphuric waters for instance, can have a therapeutic effect on skin diseases, including: Psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections
  • Some mineral waters are also used to help the healing of wounds and other skin injuries -source-
The original Laguna Hot Spring is a natural "bucal" (waterhole) maintained by the citizens of Laguna. Located at the very foot of a dormant volcano Mt. Makiling.
Legends surround the mountain, many of which relate to Maria Makiling, said to be the 'guardian fairy' of the mountain. The contour of the mountain is said to be that of her in a reclining position.-source-
Try this contact (049)5452170
Address Laguna Hot Spring Resort Bo Pansol Calamba Laguna


Chris said...

wow, i got some rashes on my legs... maybe that would heal me too!!! :)

Tetcha said...

That's a nice way to wrap up the summer season. You're also hitting two birds with one stone: cooling out while getting healed.

Bambie dear ★ said...

I have to take my husband there.. we call it Onsen naman, marami onsen dito at gusto ng mga japanese yun kaya naman magaganda skin nila. Thanks for sharing.. miss you Ate Enchi

Jes said...

hahaha ganda talga dyan sa laguna ayt chris? =P

Unknown said...

may contact po ba kyo thanks

Enchie said...

Try this contact# (049)5452170
address: Laguna Hot Spring Resort Bo. Pansol,Calamba Laguna

INLABabongKIKAY said...

Laguna Hot Spring Resort has a fan page at facebook. Rates and map are also included there. :)

Hannah said...

anu ang fb nila,.