Thoughts @ 12 Midnight

25 June 2010

I can't turn on the A/C we've been having power surges the whole night.  I'm feeling hot and humid. I can't stand the heat. Good thing my son was able to sleep. I think now is the perfect time to go online and share my thoughts. Several things made half of my week very entertaining.

1. A short message for the drivers out there... 
  • Even if it's your right of way, that doesn't mean you're doing it right or you're always right. 
  • Some idiot double parked on the other side of the road opposite where my car was parked . The  no-no--- the guy didn't even care, (a short shout out removed) Good thing I didn't stay long.
 Being a defensive driver is also being a smart one. Take note of that. 

2. I lost my only pair of black pearl earrings. It's my only pair of black pearls, bought it years ago and  the size of the pearls matters to me.

3. I killed a baby snake in our garage. Well, it's not a baby anymore because the head was big enough to eat a worm. It was just gross! I'm very sorry to our environment and animal groups, but I got startled. My husband got disappointed at me for killing the snake. He believes that every critter brings balance to the environment. But the only thing that's so-o unwanted inside my house is a snake. I just  gotta do it.

4. I got a Photo Contest Invitation today from Seven Suites Hotel and Observatory. It's going to be on Saturday.


I will come as a guest not as participant. My camera model is too low and I'm not equipped with the proper gear. I'll take pictures of the participants instead. I'll enjoy some cocktails and canapes and the presence of some friends.

Come and Join!


5. I left 2 blogs for 2 movies hanging.  The A-TEAM and Shrek Forever After.
6. Just bought the a new chapter of the World of Warcraft online. Burning Crusades.
7. Just found out that Data Blitz will not be able to provide everyone the limited edition of Star Craft 2. So sad...
8. So happy!!! My food blog's PR3 is back. It's been getting ads lately, so yehey! more funds for my make-over plan.
9. I miss on meeting Mommy Seiko of Seikos Diary .

10. A very close friend will get married in October, she will be marrying her first and only love. I'm so excited for her. As to what she shared on FB, the countdown begins...

11.While doing this blog, I am also making a list of groceries for tomorrow's trip to the supermarket

12. I want a cheeseburger right now!


*MrsMartinez* said...

You are right about driving defensively. Eew nd the snake, I would kill it too but come to think of it I cant even get close to a cockroach lol

Beth said...

Tama si Dolph for thinking of the environment pero if I were in that situation din, I would have killed that snake too! E pno kung lumaki at matuka kids ko, di ba?

anyway, so many things happened to you this week! very interesting! I'll watch out for your photo opp post! ang galing! wala kasi akong dslr, sana magkaroon na din ako. :)

Mylene said...

I can't help but to agree on the defensive driving thing mommy. Hindi ako driver ha pero just an observation as a passenger dami talagang inconsiderate drivers.

Sayang naman ung black pearls mo. I haven't seen one actually kasi rare sya. I usually see the white one.

kakatakot naman ung snake. I perfectly understand your action mommy, especially may bata sa house nyo. Hindi na anga un baby snake kung kayang ng kumain ng worm, yay!

Ay, I thought you will join as one of the participants. Sayang. You really have an edge on photography mommy!

Congrats at bumalik na ung PR ng food blog mo :) I'm happy for you :)

Hahaha... I do that pero mentally list lang. And just had a cheese burger for lunch today :)

thanks for the visit mommy Ench!