Shelly Souvenir

07 June 2010

Early Sunday morning, as my boys were making a sand castle, I was strolling  by the beach looking for shells. Most of them are Puka Shells. Instead of going to the souvenir shop, I had more fun searching for pretty shells. I also took home some sand. It's so nice to see shells of different designs and colors being washed to shore naturally. It's my first time to really appreciate it. Most of the time, I see dead corals, broken shells or  even dead fishes.
Canyon Cove is my new favorite beach destination. They say it's pricey, I say, it's just right.  The time I spent picking up shells having that big grin of excitement is one of the things worth paying for. We pay for the privacy the resort is giving us (as guests and clients), there's not a sign of any trash anywhere, employees are very courteous and accommodating, the beach is amazing. It's all about relaxation, leisure and fun put together.
And today I assembled my "shelly souvenir" in a candle holder and placed on my computer desk, right beside my monitor where I can see it and will surely remind me of that special weekend.


seth said...

that was one cutie...

I want to have one too! :-)

if you have time please do comment on my entry for Noel & Levy Thanks Giving blog contest here:

God Bless!

♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

We love collecting shells, yung last na kinollect namin is nasa vase ng aking water plant.
Those are really nice!

*MrsMartinez* said...

I love the sunset in Canyon Cove. I hope you had a very memorable day!

nuts said...

canyon cove is in nasugbu, batangas right? i heard this from a travel blogger. nice place.. we love collecting shells too. You have great photo of shells, nice!

ceemee said...

That is a lovely collection!

Glad you had that vacation.

Chris said...

this is exactly what we did on our last trip to beach a few weeks ago! :D