At The Blu Bar

10 June 2010

Check how magnificent Canyon Cove is by night... So relaxing right? Just a walk around the pool and hearing the waves from the beach makes everything perfect.
Canyon Cove Pool Area
Night of June 5, 2010 my husband and I decided to take a walk around and along the pool and the beach area. After, we spent the rest of the night At The Blu Bar. It was empty when we got there. It's my first time to see a cozy bar empty. I guess it was really meant for us. My husband brought his guitar with him, we chose a good spot over looking the pool then we ordered our first round of drinks.
Blu Bar Canyon Cove
At The Blu Bar we called some friends to join us. It was really cool to have the place all to ourselves.
 With Dave, Tess, Ria, Rowny, Frances, Aris and Master Alvin
It's very seldom that my husband and I have moments like these. We took the opportunity that somebody was available to look after Franky. It was great, fun, and exciting. My husband ordered 8 rounds of beer and 3 Mojitos for the 2 of us, some ordered food and we shared it all. We had Buffalo wings, Calamares, Gambas and to end the night, some burger and clubhouse sandwiches.
My first Mojito for the night
We talked on some things, some realizations as a couple and as individuals. Turning 6 is just like a tiny dot in the lifetime we're going to share for the next years to come. A tiny dot yet so big and full of accomplishments and milestones. We're very thankful to have this people around and shared a spectacular night with us. It's been a long time since we last had a drink and without rushing. Don't worry, after everything we took, we're  still standing and laughing.

The Blu Bar, thanks to you too...  the ever accommodating people at Canyon Cove. Even if their Cafe was already closed, the chef  was made available just to prepare food for us. Thank you...


pinayrichmom said...

wow! Great photos! Ganda sa Canyon Cove :)

Beth said...

Hi Enchie, ang ganda naman diyan! I like the pics, esp the first one.
Congrats on your six yrs of being married to each other! More blessed and blissful years to come! :)

PS: I'm back, have a new post and visiting back old blogging friends. :)

Chris said...

i thought that was nice.. having the place just for yourselves :)