Glimpse and Pieces Of Our Vacation

09 June 2010

Location: Canyon Cove Beach Club Nasugbu Batangas
June 5 and 6
  • Last Hurrah for Summer 2010 and 
  • in Celebration of our 6th Anniversary
Most couples would choose something grand or something outstanding as a celebration. Looking back at our wedding day itself, the event was as simple as the couple. All we wanted was to celebrate our bond with our close friends and families. Simplicity will always play a big part in our lives as husband and wife. Moving on, as long as we are at the very comfort of each other's arms....How and Where doesn't matter.  It's Who and What  is important.

This trip was never planned, it was a surprise from my husband. If you're going to ask me, the cake he bought on our anniversary itself was enough. The greeting I received at 12 midnight was something to cherish. When I found out that we're heading to one of the most beautiful beaches in Batangas, I was totally speechless. I didn't ask questions anymore, I packed whatever we have and most of all, I'm very happy because our son will have another memorable experience at the beach.
Canyon Cove
This year's trip to the beach wasn't about de-stressing. It's 100% pure fun and leisure with the family. To add, I invited my sisters to join us. But Les couldn't go. Still, Ella made us happy by coming along. We don't mind paying for the extra head and a little for our room. Like I said, family will always be part of our journey. From the very beginning, they (family) are the people who's been there for us anytime, everyday.
us at the beach
Canyon Cove is a Residential Beach Resort. They cater to weddings, conferences and day tour visits. We have plans of going back for Frank's, my birthday or Dolf's and to apply for a membership. I fell in love with the place in an instant. It's a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila, good roads, the people of Nasugbu are very nice, no vendors to bother you,  it's a private beach with crystal clear water and white sand. It's the mother in me working--- everything I'm looking for to fit a perfect vacation is in Canyon Cove. Not to forget, Tagaytay is along the way. (wink!)
Canyon Cove BeachCanyon Cove Pool Area
We originally plan for our wedding to take place in Caleruega. Registering and accomplishing requirements at the main parish of Nasugbu Batangas... This province has been in our hearts eversince. Our plans as a couple didn't push, but we're very pleased that now, Nasugbu's been playing a big role for us as a family. 


seth said...

wow! what a lovely place..thanks for sharing :-) one lovely family :-)
happy anniversary to you and your husband! more LOVE!

btw, if you have extra time please do comment on my entry for Levy & Noel's contest

Thank you and God Bless!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

What a beautiful escapade, Enchie! Like you, every date and celebration that we do isn't for two anymore but for a family. That place looks perfect for you three. Sana makapunta kami dyan someday! :)

Belated happy 6th! God bless!

pinayrichmom said...

Happy anniv again, sis! We've been to Canyon Cove a long time ago, when it was still called "White Cove". Sobrang laki na nang pinagbago! Is it "for members" only nowadays?

*MrsMartinez* said...

Happy anniversary Enchie!

Chris said...

we passed by here when we went to munting buhangin.. :)

it looks like a very nice place to visit next time :)

by the way, great family vacation.. i am so happy for you and your family! :D

Tetcha said...

It's nice to know that you really had a grand time at Canyon Cove. We did, too!