4 Things I Juggle Everyday

22 June 2010

25% Chores- Everything I do to have a clean house and a healthy environment
25% Blogging- Online activities
25% Playing World of Warcraft- my ultimate de-stresser
25% Relaxing- Meditation. Detaching both body and mind from the world of WORK
What happens to family life (which is obviously not included above). Family is on a different level. When it comes to my 2 boys, I always give 100% of my time, whether work around the house is finished or not. Prioritizing the most important to the very least. Family comes first, the rest follows.

For some, socializing might probably be considered as part of the 100%. Others, their hobbies and work. Travel may also take a position. It may sound and look easy but it's not, because I am a busy mother. My life is spent inside the house 24/7 and without a helper. So far, after taking my everyday life on a different perspective, everything is working out pretty well not only for me, but also for my family. A person once told me that there is no such thing as time management, it's Life per se that we need to manage in order to achieve our goals everyday. Believe it? I do. Result? After a busy day for a regular housewife, I still manage to give that 50% of the day to myself. It's great! Oh! make that 75%.


Chris said...

bravo enchie! :D i admire you for being able to manage "life" well!

Tammy said...

I had to laugh when I read this. Up until the weekend, I was the same way, except I played Evony. Only my Evony time had a tendency to take over everything else. I had to turn over my acct to someone else for the summer. I didn't think it would be so hard to go without playing. Each day gets easier. At the end of the summer, I might decide not to go back to it.

Enchie said...

@ Chris thanks!

@ Tammy that's nice to know...and thanks for visiting have a fun summer!

Tina said...

wow! you are the only mom who I know that loves to play warcraft. Usually mga dads and boys di ba ang naglalaro nito? I tried playing this game once, pero hindi ko talaga maintindihan.

Enchie said...

@ Tina I was a gamer even when I was single. Actually my husband (my bf then) introduced me to the gaming world. It's nice of you to visit :)

Beth said...

Ako din, bilib din ako sa mga gamer moms! Hindi ko talaga nakahiligan and sobrang out ako pag yan na ang usapan sa ofc!
I know and felt what you just wrote here. I've been a fulltime mom before and how I love being one! I miss taking care of the house and my family full time!