Total Stress Relief---Go Have Time For Yourself

04 February 2010

I started my day early by preparing pancakes for breakfast. But I can't say it's all well, because I'm very stressed and tired from sorting and packing our stuff. Not to mention that I also take my son to and from school everyday. Plus, my husband has his own batch of tasks to finish too.

My mom visited us this afternoon, that made things lighter. It's something to break the ice. And good thing, I have a Red Ribbon event that helped end my day differently.

Total stress relief--- with Peachy, Iris and Mommy Vivian
A little treat from the Red Ribbon Management (something yummy will soon be unveiled).

When I got home, my dad helped me load some things in the car, which lessened our baggage and clutter a bit. Slowly, everything is falling into place. I think now is the perfect time to take a break. I think I've done enough not only for today, but for the past 2 weeks.

My son is sleeping, it's just me, my cold bottle of beer, my home- cooked tuna pasta and my blogs to think about.
On Saturday, life moving out continues and it will go on until we completely transfer to our new place early next week. I will be offline for quite sometime, starting next week because I will be switching to a new broadband company. By the way, we were able to find a house in one of the most exclusive subdivisions here in Quezon City, so yehey! God is great!


Chris said...

i am so excited for you enchie... :) new home, new adventures...

by the way, the cake looks delicious! yummy :)

*MrsMartinez* said...

sayang... I was not able to attend the event last night. Looking forward to meeting you...

Enchie said...

@ Chris! thank you so much for the inspiring words of motivation. And the cake, you should try it, it's really good, not too sweet and very rich.

@ Mrs. Martinez aww...there will more opportunities for us to meet. Looking forward to that moment.