Good Morning Neighbor!

21 February 2010

Today is officially our second week in our new home. Of course, it took time to blend in the community. We were a bit shy, but everybody (our neighbors) were very helpful and hospitable. Back in our old condo, I think we were the only ones who never failed to greet everybody everyday. The rest, they were just too busy and too occupied. It's different this time around. Our new neighbors were very happy to help us go about some rules around the subdivision. They showed concern asking how are we doing. Most of all, it was very polite of them to greet us every morning, lunch and even at night.

Good Morning! Good Afternoon and Good Evening!

I never thought that "such wonderful neighbors" still exist. What an inspiring booster to start the day right and happy.

It's just great to be part of a good environment. A good environment for me is a place where people don't mind you but you know anytime you can approach them. A good environment is a place where intrigue (intriga, chismis) does not exist and are not even welcome. A good environment is a place where people respect privacy. A good environment is a place filled with simple people with simple minds. A good environment is a place where our children can play and just do their adventures.
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A good environment is a state that makes a person happy, inspired and complete.


Tetcha said...

I'm so glad you found kind and supportive neighbors. There's still so much adjusting to do, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

Chris said...

its really great if you live in a good neighborhood.. if you are considering getting your own place.. this is one of your priorities, di ba?

im glad you are enjoying your move..

see you around!

by the way, i have a new blog... it doesnt have much yet but why dont you check it out if you have time?

♥peachkins♥ said...

It's nice to be in such a good neighborhood.