My Little Shutterbug

28 February 2010

It's time that he learns about momma and poppa's hobbies and interests. He started with his poppa's music. Franky's interest on musical instruments came out naturally. My work around the kitchen made him curious and now, he is loving helping prepare and cook. our food. He sets the table for us, he also knows how to put away the dishes.At 5 years and 5 months Franky has become more and more of a hands-on person. Once you teach him about something, make sure that there's a follow up hands-on experience. I guess, it will really help the child that way. It's not always about story telling (kuwento) on our part as parents.
On his "tabingi" shot, he was taking a picture of me.
It was wonderful seeing Franky hold the camera without any help from us.
Finally, his first picture of his parents...

It's all about trust and boosting his confidence. Of course, at the back of my mind, it's reflex, reflex, reflex just in case he drops or bump the DSLR somewhere hehehe!. I actually requested my husband to buy him a digital camera nothing expensive. I just saw a Canon digital camera less than Php10,000 it's perfect for my little shutterbug...


Willa said...

Pareho tayo ng style, when my boys, wants to "use" my camera, I always make sure na naka strap sa leeg nila. lol!
Franky is smart,he can learned things in no time by simply watching you guys,so be careful,you are always on a macro shot. :D.Five and a half lang pala sya,he's big for his age.

♥peachkins♥ said...

Go Franky!

Chris said...

hahaha... ako rin ganyan.. pero Kyla is getting better and better with her shots ha! parang matatalo pa ako eh heheheh

galing ni Frankie :D way to go mommy!

Enchie said...

@ Willa That's right macro shot talaga all the time :D and Franky's getting taller pa like every month. baka maging pang bball player ang height ;)

@ Peachy Thanks Tita Peachy for the encouragement :)

@ Uy nice naman for Kyla :)

onlinemommy said...

Hindi ko malaman mommmy kung malaki lang po masyado ung camera o maliit pa lang si Franky. Pero he has a potential ha, bilis lang matuto.

Gusto ko rin magkaroon ng DSLR pero in the future pa hahaha... hindi ko pa kayang paglaanan sa ngayon.