Sweetest 16th

18 February 2010

My sister celebrated her Sweet 16 birthday yesterday. She personally asked me to buy her a Red Ribbon cake. This was the moment I have been waiting for. For days, after The Chocolate Heaven launching and the announcement of the Chocolate Heaven contest, I have been thinking of ways to create a one of a kind entry.
Sweet @ 16, surrounded with friends and having a fun time with the Chocolatiest cake that made them feel like they're in Heaven... The new Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven cake.
It made them treasure the bond that unites them. It made them happier in each other's company and it developed the person in them by projecting positivity, joy, fun and excitement. It made me miss my high school days. Watching them made me treasure the moment itself and the moment that was during my time. It made me miss my own friends and our activities together. I was just literally holding the camera looking at them in awe and wonder.
For me, to be able to nail a good photo, everything must come out naturally. Candid. I can go' til forever waiting for the perfect time just to capture that certain image on my mind.
sweet nothings
Regardless of what camera I have, regardless of the picture quality as long as the moment is captured, I'm happy.


Willa said...

High school life, the best part of our life treasured forever in our hearts!
Happy Sweet 16 to your sister!

Clarissa said...

Happy 16th birthday to your sister!!Extend my birthday greetings to her!!^_^

Beth said...

Happy 16th bday to your sister, Enchie! I love your pics esp the ones na messy na sila. The cake looks yummy too! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your sis and Happy Weekends to you!

Enchie said...

@ Willa Thank you

@ Clang Thanks for the birthday greeting

@ Beth Thanks

@Peachy Thanks and Happy Weekend for you too.