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25 February 2010

Today, we were honored by another presence of a relative from America. Tita Lilay. She's my husband's Aunt from the Cruz's side. It's been years since her last visit. It was also my first time to meet her. Last December 2009, her daughter Grace came home, we had lunch together.

But before telling my story, let me share a wonderful blessing that has been gracing us since 2009. That would be our relatives, families and friends that's been visiting us from other countries. People we haven't seen for the longest time, people I personally haven't met yet but close to my heart and people whose been showing support and love even online just to make us feel that they care about us and they will always be there for us.

with Tita Lilay from the lovely State of California:
It will really be nice to visit San Fran once we get to travel America. Definitely we will do that. San Francisco has always been part of my husband's itinerary every time he'd go to the US. Aside from Georgia, the other half of the Cruz's resides in San Francisco. When others think that we're far apart from our loved ones... it's never really like that. Still, time grants everyone to come back home not just for us, but also to see what the Philippines has become.
Over breakfast at Café Adriatico, we were able to catch with some stories with Tita Lilay both old and new, good and bad. The highlight of our conversation was all about family. The last time she was with Dolf was when he was still single and mingling. A lot has changed. She was very happy and excited that Dolf and I met. It was truly an honor for me to be part of the family of course. On the serious side of our small talk, we all agreed that being able to have a family requires extreme sacrifice. For richer and for poorer. My husband shared that the moment he found out I was pregnant with Franky, he knew that he must work harder and he took pride of being "the dad" he has always been wanting to be and it was the time to aim higher. Right there and then, when Dolf was sharing that experience with Tita Lilay, I got teary-eyed (again).

Had to thank "The One" above again for giving Dolf to me. And sharing our story with another happy person like Tita Lilay was just amazing.

Life, it is a path full of adventures. It's up to us to find ways and alternatives to make the most out of it. For Dolf and me, we went through the normal process of having a family. My husband climb his way up. As for me, blooming from being a pregnant wife to becoming a mother was the loveliest thing life has given me.

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Willa said...

That's very nice of her to give you the "Welcome to the family" even if it takes a while. It is all worth it. You are so lucky to have not only your husband but his whole family (immediate and extended) accepted and love you.Family and friends are truly a blessing from GOD and distance doesn't make any difference at all,especially now. :)
And by the way, SF brings back a memory to me because Patrick was born there. He is a certified California boy :D. You will surely enjoy your future visit there. :)