A Blessing In Disguise

01 February 2010

Today, God showed some light on us once again. Early this morning I called the building owner of our chosen new place. I'm suppose to make an appointment in order to finalize the deal, fix the terms and contract. To my surprise, the wife who is a doctor was the one who talked to me. I started with a nice greeting and followed by some refreshing thoughts of our last visit 2 weeks ago. As I was asking for the availability of the unit we liked, she started ranting about some issues with regards to the division, the first come first serve agreement, and the price increase she had to make. Why is she ranting? I only asked if the unit was still available.

I became very irritated that I had to raise my voice a bit to remind her that "hey you're talking with a client". Raising my voice didn't really stop her, she went on and even asked questions to who I will be sharing the unit with, questioning if were capable of paying on time and she was even pushing for some unit changes that will eventually lead to another price increase.

First of all, we will not get into a deal or anything we cannot afford. Second, it doesn't go that if I'm a housewife, our income is not going to be enough. Third, the mere fact that I have the luxury to stay at home, the ability to always pay on cash and live without relying so much on some credit card. I think I don't even have to explain, and for me, "that's how life should be".

The most irritating part was when she told me that she doesn't prefer having kids around, especially the small ones because they have the tendency to color the walls and stuff. That really turned me off. In an instant, I turned down our every intention of going for that place.

Yes, the place was perfect for us. That condo was brand new, it is right beside a church, a SM Save More supermarket, still near Cubao, accessible for all types of transportation and most of all, it is near my son's school and it doesn't flood. But if the owner is going to be so selfish and cold-hearted, I would probably prefer an old apartment with a very, very nice landlord.

With what happened early this morning, we're back to square 1 and we only have 1 week to go. It was very disappointing, but we handled it very well, we didn't feel bad because we know something better will come up.

Here's the catch of the day. After lunch, we went to Meralco, from there, I asked my husband to drive me to the bank, then we took a shortcut at some back street near Cubao. On our way, I saw a sign 'condo units available'. So we stopped and checked, and to our surprise, the unit was very big, exactly what we wanted and for a very reasonable price. Security is guaranteed, it doesn't flood, it is owned by a company so it is well managed, still near Cubao and my son's school.

I guess our first option was not really meant for us. Mabait talaga si Lord. Nakailang lipat na kami pero He never fails to make it a point to answer my family's every need. And we are very thankful for this wonderful blessing.


♥peachkins♥ said...

Hay, para talaga sa inyo ang lugar na iyan. Good Luck!

kikamz said...

glad that hear that you found a much better place ench! God indeed works in wondrous ways and at times when you least expect them. btw, i have an award for you: Happy 101.

Chris said...

so glad for you! :D

Jona said...

you're right. God is really good for showing it to you as early as now that you still can back-out :D and another window opened for you :)

♥Willa♥ said...

You owe that bitchy lady a thank you for her rudeness. :D
God always knows what's best and good for us.

Bambie dear ★ said...

that's what i dont like about Pinoy, (some only), they tend to be so rude with the clients.. wala sana mag-rent ng condo nya, so rude and bitchy. Dito naman sa JP, bago nila pinapa-rent ang place, ni-rerenovate muna para pleasing sa next tenant..

Anyway, so happy for you.. kami din we're planning to move, hahanap pa lang..

Mylene said...

God really prepared that place for you and your family. And I agree that an old apartment with a nice landlord than a new condo with a cold-hearted owner.