Will Hibernate Soon

08 February 2010

Good Day my dear friends and visitors!
sweet nothings from my kitchen and beyond

Both Sweet Nothings and From My Kitchen and Beyond will temporarily be inactive for a few days. Will be moving to our new place tomorrow. And will officially be applying for a different broadbrand that will cater to more than 1 mbps and with 4G technology. It's nice to have a hassle-free connection.

Smiley Face

Hopeful before the week ends, I will be back on track blog hopping, dropping ECs, preparing for another Red Ribbon contest, sharing life's wonderful blessings from our new home and plans for the next coming months.

I am very happy to where we (my family) are right now. Friends and family has been very supportive with this move we are making. They say, you get to learn more once you get out of your comfort zone. We needed this transfer because we are aiming to get a permanent home in 2 or 3 years. It's a process that will require so much time and money. But definitely, it is something my husband and I discussed thoroughly and something we thought about very carefully. With God's Grace and with hard work and patience we will be to hit this mark sooner than later.
Have a wonderful week everyone!


Willa said...

Good luck and will be waiting for you geat comeback with more great news to share! :)

Bambie dear ★ said...

goodluck on your moving .. exciting =)

Chris said...


Looking forward to your next posts :D

Tetcha said...

Good luck, Enchie. We will await your return to blogging in a few days.

kikamz said...

hi ench! ingat and good luck sa inyong new place.. will wait for your updates when your internet is up. God bless the family and happy heart's day!