Mom's Fun Day!

19 February 2010

I thought that it was just an ordinary school activity for Franky. I over slept, woke up late and I forgot to bring my camera. But lucky enough to find a perfect parking spot! :D

Mom's Fun Day is the school's way of paying tribute to all moms who poured so much time in support for their children in school.
The endless home notes, creative projects and joining other fun activities that binds the family at home and in school.The activity was exclusive for moms and the kids. Not a sight of a single dad around. And would you believe, none carried a camera too. We were all just having fun playing games, popping balloons, ate our snacks together. Franky and me enjoyed watching some intermission numbers from fellow moms and their kids. They danced and sang a song together.
We ended the activity as our children sang a song for us while they also handed out the Paper Roses they made. I was really touched. Again for a first time school mom, it made me teary-eyed. Maybe, crying will always be part of it. For every sweet gesture and for every achievement made by my little boy. Tears of Joy that is...


ceemee said...

That's so sweet! Glad you and your son had fun!

joy said...

ang sweet naman!
enchie, i have a tag for you. if you have the time, please post it.

Enchie said...

@ Ceemee thank was a fun day.

@ Joy thanks for the tag! will let you know once i'm done :)

Chris said...

this is so heartwarming, a very good idea :D