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We Need A Perfect Vacation This Summer

27 April 2009

I'll be honest, I feel so uninspired right now. Aside from feeling lazy, I am personally looking for something different to do. A getaway from my usual.
We haven't been out with a perfect family activity this summer. I never thought that we are going to be this busy. It's a good thing that we excluded "planning" for 2009. Eventually we'll end up frustrated if we plan then suddenly it will not push through.

Then last night, I good friend left me a message in My Multiply leaving a link to a very interesting place to spend our summer. She just posted photos from their trip.

My husband and I were considering camping for the family aside from swimming. And we had a hard time looking for a family-friendly location. Until my friend's message came. 3 photos below c/o of my friend Claire.

Our regular venture would always be in Batangas. We need something new, private, a trip fit in our budget. And this place in Zambales holds the answers to everything we want. I'm hoping to spend Mother's Day( May1o) and celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary( June3) in advance here. We have never been out since 2009 began. This is perfect.

Island hopping, Camping, home-cooked meals, private boats and accessiblility-wise, this was just overwhelming to know. I never knew that a place like this existed. I expect to find this in Palawan, Cebu or in Boracay. But 3 hours away from Manila. Wow!