When Opportunity Knocks

22 April 2009

Just a few weeks ago, I got a job proposal from America. As some of you may know, I took up Nursing in 2002, right after I graduated from my first course (HRM). Back then, I was waiting for calls from various companies I applied in relation to Hotel and Restaurant Management. While waiting, I decided to study again. Until I got married.

In relation to my second course (Nursing), a very close person asked me if I could work for a family friend in America. I took it as an opportunity. Because from the requirements needed in order to take my family with me, the benefits that will be given (that includes studying if I want to), location (near the sister of my dad), and the option that we can still go back to the mother land, are perfectly listed. All I need to do is to accept in order to process it.

Surely my husband didn't like it. And one of the important things that my Mother taught me, is to trust my husband. But this is another issue to be settled privately. He is open to talk about it. We're both thinking of our son's and our children's future.

We all know the number of people who wanted to leave the Philippines. Thinking that they will be able to fulfill their dreams abroad. I don't blame them. I too have my bad and sad moments here in the Philippines. Especially with the governing system.

And here I am, being offered the best of everything.

I am torn between leaving my home land and spreading my wings some more to try something different and to be able to grow and understand life outside the four walls of my very own home.

I love the Philippines so much. And so is my husband. He will not choose to live here if he doesn't. We are very happy here.

We may not be earning so much. But the people, the culture and the life just makes a person feel good and relaxed in a sense that there is no real pressure existing in working too hard.

The smiles, the jeepneys, the tricycles, the dirty streets, the people we call Manong and Manang...the food, the long vacations (LOL), the manila bay...these are just some of my/ our reasons why I'm/ were torn in two.


liza said...

My family and I went through that too. I had a lot of opportunities to work in the US. All my siblings are there too. I also had an offer to bring the whole family. Kaso like your husband, my hubs loves the Phils. so much, he doesn't want to leave. But he was open so we asked the kids, ayun ayaw rin nila. So I opted to stay. We're not earning much but we're happy and I'm glad I made the right move. :)

Enchie said...

thanks Liza for your message. It will help me decide.

Chris said...

I know that whatever decision you make, as long as you make it together with your hubby, you will not regret it. :)

May God bless you and grant you the wisdom you need now.

mommy jac said...

I know the feeling, it's hard to decide diba. just follow your heart mommy Enchie...Btw thank you for posting the I love Mother Earth badge

have a lovely day!!!

Ebie said...

Follow where your heart is. There will be more adjustments to a new life somewhere, once a family is uprooted.

Enchie said...

Thank you Mommy Chris, Mommy Jac and Mommy Ebie!

fedhz said...

There's no place like home.. kaya nga most ng mga nasa ibang bansa, umuuwi pa rin dito.

si boyfriend din ayaw tumira dun. gusto daw nya muna ma-libot ang buong Philippines. gusto nya punta, pero to live there, no way.

iba pa rin tlaga kung san ka nasanay. korek, kahit nakakainis dahil sa politika, shempre kahit saan naman may good and bad things. eh ang lagay, nasanay na tayo sa ganito.

kung mahilig ka sa challenge, why not diba? pero ako kase takot ako. di ko kaya umalis sa comfort zone ko. siguro kung ako lang, pwede pa, pero ngayong may baby na kame, parang natakot ata ako. iba pa rin ung kakilala mo ung mga kapitbahay mo. buti sana kung puro pinoy at kamag anak mo rin ang kapitbahay mo dun. hehe

MsRay said...

There may be a lot of material benefits in the U.S. but there is no place like home.

Your life is in the Philippines may be simple, but you are still living comfortably and enjoying the company of your family and friends. Yan ang ma-miss mo pagpunta mo dito sa U.S. :(

kikamz said...

Home is where the heart is ench. Where-ever it is that makes you happy, that is where you should stay.

Ako naman, as long as I am with my family, kahit saang sulok pa ng mundo, I will go. I would gladly face all the pressures and hardships together with them - it will be worth it.

The downside nga lang is that you will be leaving all your family and friends and the little comforts that you are used to behind and you are on your own feet.

So I pray that you will be able to make a good decision - one that will be best for you and your family. And one in which you won't regret.