21 April 2009

One of the faces I love to photograph is my sister Ella. Her features are perfect. From the shape, the bone structure and most of all her eyes.
Taking pictures has been part of my life. The ironic thing about it, I feared the flash of the camera when I was still a kid. But thank goodness I was able to overcome that fear, and now I'm exactly the opposite. I love being photographed and I enjoy taking them.

The pressures of owning a DSLR is to be able to justify the purpose and intention of buying one.

Questions like: "Why did you buy a DSLR? Do you want to become a photographer?

All I wanted was to upgrade my old digital camera. It just so happen that I will get my money's worth with an SLR than getting another digital camera.

Ella, originally uploaded by Momachie.
And by maximizing my camera's features, I get results like these.


SASSY MOM said...

Ang galing ench! Pwede ka na magtayo ng studio.

Yummybite said...

you shoot like a pro nah! :)

Chris said...

ang galing mo na talaga!

by the way, how is your business coming up?

mommy jac said...

galing mo mag photograph sis.btw I have a meme-tag for you. I hope you can join me in my first meme-tag.

Have a lovely day!!!

Enchie said...

Maraming Salamat sa inyo! and Mommy Jac will visit your site again :D

Mira said...

These are great pictures, loved them! Photography is one of the things that I've been planning to pursue but just couldn't find the time ;-). Keep it up Enchie!

niko said...

ench kinakarer mo na tlga ang photography!! u have a talent, nice photos.. i would love to pose like this.. gawin mo rin akong maganda!! :D

gudlak sa career dear!! wag mo kami kalimutan pag sikat ka na ha!!

Anzu's Mum said...

wow ate ganda, pang pro na yang shots mo ha lol... ako din gusto i was planning to buy dslr before pero i bought a point and shoot instead para portable lalo na i have baby na karga karga.

more shots please.. Goodluck

Enchie said...

Thanks my dear friends and moms...kina-career ko na toh! hehehe!

mommy jac said...

nku sis nkalimutan ko ung url ng meme tag here nga pla http://emotemylife.blogspot.com/2009/04/save-mother-earth.html

{ Jhari } said...

Keep it up Mommy Chie ;)