Name and their Meanings

06 April 2009

One of the things I shared on my 100 truths entry were names I/ we plan to give to our next children. As somebody who grew up with traditional background, the meaning of the name does matter. It will represent the person and it will reflect his/her personality and of course, how the parent was able to raise the child. We all know that name meaning is one of the most important thing to new moms and dads. I myself got pretty excited thinking of something nice.

I believe that names should be something to be proud of. May it be a common name, unique, or even the weirdest we could find. Every country, race, language, we're all different . It's the Being representing it, that's making each unique.


nisha said...

Hi sis, how right are you when you say a name represents..

I want to tell you that i've tagged you on two of my latest posts.. please accept them, and thanks in advance :-)

Thought of a SAHM said...

I was here, have a nice week ahead. see you around

BOGCESS said...

Hi! You have nice content here. I added you up on my daily EC drops. ;)


Beth said...

wow, me opps ka na! congrats ench!

dropping by, thanks for the comment, i needed those encouraging words! :)

pehpot said...

nabasa mo ba ang meaning ng name ko? oh my.. hindi ko alam kung ano ang nirerepresent ko? LOL

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