Live Your Dream: Just Dance !

25 May 2011

Thoughts Of My Teenage Dream
I was 13 years old when I started to like dancing. I was attending a traditional school, an all-girls school before my parent's noticed that I wasn't blooming in an old- school environment. I was transferred in Montessori and there, I was able to come out of my shell. Since there's only a bunch of students in Montessori, I was able to take leadership in most activities, especially on small performances. I embraced the moment I had and yes, I did had dreams of performing on a big stage in big events with people cheering.
One group that inspired me throughout this journey was The Manoeuvres. Of course I got familiar with them because they were the famous dance group of Gary Valenciano. But before anything else, I also got inspiration through an old friend of mine (you know who you are) thank you...

High school, I was at my peak. I was choreographing my own dance group. I was leading every school performance and our dance was always one of the much awaited. But as I was approaching the path towards a heavier goal in school (college) I decided to stop. 

Now, as I watch my sister open herself 100% just for the love of dancing, it made me think a little: 

1. I might just made the wrong decision to stop dancing 13 years ago.
2. Why didn't I open myself, both body and mind to support my ♥ for dancing.
3. Come to think of it, I really didn't have a clear reason why I stopped.

If high school was full with opportunities to grow in the field of dancing, college has more to offer and I've let it go just like that.
My Sister Fulfilling My Dream
My younger sister Les has been active with dancing since first year high school. Like me, she's been joining school activities and even dance contests. This summer, she thought of enhancing her skills by attending a dance workshop. When my sister asked me to accompany her with her dance lessons with Dance Planet Studio, I didn't hesitate anymore. I was very eager to witness on what has become of the trend in dancing.

Dance Planet Studio was born last October 10, 2010. It is located at the G/F Broadway Centrum, New Manila Quezon, City. Dance Planet Studio is managed by Senior member of The Manoeuvres Jon Supan. Where the present members of The Manoeuvres are the dance instructors. 
I really didn't know that my sister will train under the group Manoeuvres. When I saw Jon Supan, I said to myself: I know this guy. I've seen him before. That's when my sister told me that she will be training under The Manoeuvres. I got pretty excited because I have always dreamed of taking serious dance lessons when I was her age and it just so happen she chose the dance group that inspired me when I was into dancing myself.
May 22, 2011 was my sister's dance recital. She trained for Teen Street Dancing for more than a month.
I'm very proud of her. She pushed on fulfilling what she truly loves and she continued on believing with the talent she have. After her training, she is now preparing for a big dance contest with her dance group.

Here are the geniuses behind  my sister's recent achievement and success of Dance Planet Studio.
The Manoeuvres
The Manoeuvres
With Jon Supan (Jon-jon Supan)
Manager, Senior member of The Manoeuvres
(choreographer / administrator)
The Maneuvers celebrated their 25th Anniversary last year with a grand performance in Party Pilipinas with both new and senior members.

I Am Sticking With Sweet Nothings

18 May 2011

It's everywhere, I know, also confusing. So I was going through the process of the so-called "change" I wanted to make for this blog. As I was doing the planning, I found out that it would be impractical for me to make the adjustments.

1. I have Sweet Nothings registered to advertisers.
2. Though I have removed my Followers section, another realization is that I might get other readers confused. And I  want to give my readers a hassle-free visit.
3. Sweet Nothings already made a mark in the blogosphere. Not so much compared to some, but I know deep in my heart as the author. 

With these, I am sticking to Sweet Nothings. The only thing that's going to upgrade are the stories.
Thank you for the continuous visits.

Sabang Beach Baler, Aurora

One thing I love about Baler? it's not commercialized---yet. Sabang Beach is the main beach resort of Baler. It is a sanctuary to surfing enthusiasts. We visited Sabang Beach on a Saturday. There's not much people around, considering that it's Holy Week and people are expected to go out on vacation. Swimming is only allowed until 6 o' clock in the evening. At night, we can hear the loud roar of waves that could be more than 3 feet high.
The beach is located along Baler Bay which faces the Philippine Sea. Since it's open water, we were advised to stay along the shoreline. The water current is strong, it can pull a small kid out to the ocean. Sabang Beach is equipped with lifeguards and surfing instructors who are always keeping an eye on beach goers and first time surfers.
I guarantee you, it is safe just don't go beyond the perimeter line.
The water in Sabang Beach is not as clear because of the brown sand, but it is very clean.
For Baler visitors, Sabang beach is a good destination for summer it is near the town proper. Entrance is for free. You can  go camping. But they don't have cottages and picnic tables along the beach. You can bring your own food and of course,  guests should keep their space clean and in order all the time. There are designated trash cans or it's best to bring your excess back home. They have small restaurants and eateries that serve good food for a reasonable price.
 Try Bay's Inn, we love it!

The Change That's About To Begin

16 May 2011

Just a few days back I made a shoutout on Plurk and Facebook that this site (Sweet Nothings) will undergo changes. I thought that a short blog about it will give you guys an idea. 

To start, I've moved back to my blogspot address. 

I'm not asking everyone to update your blogrolls. Well, Blogger will automatically redirect everything in this case. Part of my goal this year and for the next coming years is a free flowing online journal. Living the purpose why I created this blog. But I am open to link blogs that are on the same category as mine and websites that I'll  find useful and interesting.

Advertisers are welcome.
In a few weeks, I will be announcing the reason for this sudden change. The content will also be different because it is going to be more exciting, filled with more family stories and I will be sharing  my personal inspirations in life.

I'm just facing reality. As much as wanted to create a new website, I can't. Managing more than 2 blogs is going to take so much of my family time. This site make-over is the best and creative way on introducing a new chapter of my life. I love change. And even if I embrace change, I still take a piece of what I've started  and the reasons how things came to life with my previous entries.

To end: I thank The One Above for the continuous blessings and for a new journey I'm about to take with my 2 boys... It is going to be wonderful.

Ditumabo Falls Adventure

Our Ditumabo Falls visit was one of the main highlights and attraction of our Aurora Getaway. It was an extraordinary experience, because personally, it was also our first time to witness an amazing 140 feet waterfalls. The Philippines is truly a gifted country.

 W0W Philippines!!!  

All we have to do is to embrace what goes beyond the common tourist attraction. Aurora Province is an undiscovered destination.
We started our day with a healthy breakfast, then we packed up for a long trek up Mount Danayag, San Luis, Aurora.
It's best to bring bottles of water and expect a walk for about an hour going up the mountain. Aqua shoes are recommended because you will be crossing several streams. The water current from those small bodies of water coming from the main falls are pretty strong. Or just try to take a good grip of your slippers.
The trek up the mountain gave us a breathless view of what mother nature is all about. Our hike  took us an hour and a half because we took a lot of pictures. A quick stop will also be the perfect moment to meditate. All you'll hear is the smooth sound of the water and birds chirping.
It was a beautiful sight. I hope that the people of Aurora will double their efforts on preserving this gift God has given them.
The whole area where the Mother Waterfalls is located was filled with mist. Cameras that are not waterproof will not survive the misty mountain. In my case, I have a waterproof casing. But I had to do it manually so in order to take shot I  removed the cover. It was a once in a lifetime experience, I really don't know when are we coming back or if. I took the risk.

Photographers were kind enough to set up a small tent and left it permanently. But the tent wasn't really a saving grace, because there were holes, it eased up things a bit but  water was still dripping everywhere. I guess it's up to the person's approach. With a tripod and several dry shirts from our friends, I managed to take a good shot. Well,  it's good enough for me.

I don't have a picture with the Mother Waterfalls, but being able to capture the beauty and power of mother nature with my very own eyes and hands working on the camera... it was the greatest.
The Magnificent: Ditumabo Falls
The Mother Waterfalls also acts as an energy resource. The Municipality of San Luis, has a 1.2 megawatt hydroelectric power generation system to provide sustainable power to neighboring villages.

An Extraordinary Mother's Day

14 May 2011

Our Mother's Day celebration turned out differently this year. As always, we plan something special for our mom on Mother's Day. It's either we eat in a restaurant of her choice or we cook food for her at home. Mother's Day 2011 was different and extraordinary because none of what was mentioned above pushed through. We weren't able to eat in a restaurant and we weren't able to cook for our mom plus, with a typhoon named Bebeng headed our direction.

Saturday morning, May 7, 2011 the sun was out and the sky didn't show a single sign of heavy rains and strong winds. I was tasked to make reservations in one of the restaurants in High Street Global City. Choosing a restaurant was a bit hard because I was coordinating with my brother who wanted something extra special for our mom, and at the same time, I was also trying to coordinate with my parents and the rest of the family for the time and the remaining activities that we're going to do after. To make the long story short, I ended up not making any reservations at all and waited for my mom's call about her plans instead. It's Mother's Day, it's best if our mom gets to decide on what she wants.
From Global City, the final plan was to have lunch in Sm Megamall. Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day,  it started raining hard and suddenly I felt very sick. The rain flooded most streets in an instant. It was a bit of a struggle for us, because we all wanted to be together for Mother's Day. My mom even called us not to come anymore because of the heavy rains.
But nothing stopped us. In case all roads are impassable, then we will do a sleepover. So, we still went to see our mom and celebrated a rainy Mother's Day.
Along the way, I was coordinating again with everyone on what food to bring. I ended buying dessert, my mom cooked spaghetti and my brother's Ver and Nano bought chicken.

Mother's Day is a yearly celebration that's very special to me. No matter what the case is, I will be there for my mom and I will make sure that she is honored on this day. There's a reason why Mother's Day was created. People say, why wait for Mother's Day when we can thank our moms everyday. Mother's Day is a day when our moms feel extra special. It's the time of the year when they know deep inside that they're honored for their labor of love for the family. I wait for Mother's Day because I want my mom to remember that on this day, she will always be honored for bringing us to this world and  most especially, for raising us her children   to be God-fearing, God-Loving human beings. I look up at my mom so much. Everytime I'm asked on how "I can stand" staying at home 24/7 with all the circus of chores and not a breath of life from the outside world (note: How I can Stand---I don't know why some people look at being a housewife as a terrible thing. But I do understand where these people are coming from).

My answers are very simple: My mom trained me well and I manage my life well.

Quality Hair Treatments

10 May 2011

I wasn't really into hair treatments before. One of the things that's preventing me is the thought of the mixture of chemicals that's being used. My mom would always tell me that it's always best to go natural. But in reality, as we age, our body's chemistry changes too. Everything dries up fast like our skin and scalp. With that, I opted to look for hair products that are considered organic. When we say organic, these are ingredients such as oil extracts that are taken from plants and other natural sources.
Bumble and Bumble hair products are to consider. Bumble and bumble Alojoba Shampoo is an an organic smoothing shampoo with aloe, jojoba, cucumber, chamomile, vitamins B5 and E. It is created to hydrate, soften, silken and shine all types of hair. I treat my hair with coconut oil at home and it helps on bringing out the natural oil from my scalp. A good conditioner with coco extract also aids to keep not only my scalp healthy but also my hair.
Moroccan Oil Treatment can also be done at home. Just apply ultra-light formula to damp hair and voila, you instantly get a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without any residue. This formula not only protects your hair from damage caused by drying or over-processing, it also helps restore over-processed and damaged hair to its natural, beautiful condition.
Another brand to consider are Aveda Hair Products . This brand is one of the most successful hair products. The quality of the Aveda hair products (such as aveda pure abundance, aveda scalp remedy, aveda spa shampoo) is monitored regularly by the experts because of which this brand has been awarded the most prestigious honors in the industry of the Aveda hair care, Aveda be curly, Aveda spa and makeup products. These products are guaranteed to give healthy maintenance to any type of hair. And as a consumer, with treatments of all sorts being introduced in salons nowadays, natural or organic treatments are best to consider.

Our Roadtrip To Baler, Aurora Province

03 May 2011

A regular trip to Baler usually takes 5-6 hours of land travel from metro Manila, up the mountains of Sierra Madre and down to the Province of Aurora. Baler is the capital town of Aurora Province. I never really thought that I will be able to go to Baler. 
Our road trip to Baler, Aurora is now the no.1 unforgettable trip my family has ever experienced. With my post previous to this, being with our friends made our trip colorful. Our supposedly 6 hour drive became 10 hours. Along the way, we took a lot of pictures and we had a relaxing drive.
Maybe you guys are wondering how our dog took the long travel. Emo our pet Beagle slept the whole time. For pet lovers, as advised by the veterinarian of our dog Emo, water is key so that the dog will not  be uncomfortable. The path we took to Baler was pretty hard for an old car. But with trust, faith and staying positive, even the oldest car will survive the roughest road.
One inspiration we took with us was the story of the famous family who traveled the world with a vintage car. They started as a couple(Herman and Candelaria Zapp) who wanted to fulfill a dream. Along the way, a family blossomed as they move around the globe.  Last year, they made it here in the Philippines.
No matter how old a car is, as long as it's well-maintained both inside and out,  travel by land can be limitless. That happened to us with our 1994 Honda Civic.

Our convoy was composed of 2 Toyota Fortuners and our humble little car. Well, to be honest, it was relieving to know that 2 big vehicles were around just in case something goes wrong with our car. We were up for an adventure anyway, in case something went wrong, we came prepared.
Part of our road trip was being able to grasp some clean air, with lots of greens to look at. The beauty  if you travel by land is being able to capture a lot of fresh scenery.
 At the foot of  Sierra Madre Mountain: the longest mountain range in the Philippines
A piece of art by nature that we don't see in the city.
Finally, we have reached our destination...
I've always seen the North- eastern part of the Philippines as a remote destination. Just thinking about it, feels like it will take forever to get there. But it was just a thought not until we were given the opportunity to go to Aurora Province. Now I can say, I lived that unreachable thought of getting there, I conquered Baler!

Road To Baler, Aurora via private transport:

Nlex--- Sctex--- La Paz Nueva Ecija--- Zaragoza Nueva Ecija--- Aliaga Nueva Ecija--- Talavera-Llanera--- Rizal--- Pantabangan Road--- Maria Aurora--- San Luis Aurora--- Baler Aurora.

More here: To Baler Part 2