Ditumabo Falls Adventure

16 May 2011

Our Ditumabo Falls visit was one of the main highlights and attraction of our Aurora Getaway. It was an extraordinary experience, because personally, it was also our first time to witness an amazing 140 feet waterfalls. The Philippines is truly a gifted country.

 W0W Philippines!!!  

All we have to do is to embrace what goes beyond the common tourist attraction. Aurora Province is an undiscovered destination.
We started our day with a healthy breakfast, then we packed up for a long trek up Mount Danayag, San Luis, Aurora.
It's best to bring bottles of water and expect a walk for about an hour going up the mountain. Aqua shoes are recommended because you will be crossing several streams. The water current from those small bodies of water coming from the main falls are pretty strong. Or just try to take a good grip of your slippers.
The trek up the mountain gave us a breathless view of what mother nature is all about. Our hike  took us an hour and a half because we took a lot of pictures. A quick stop will also be the perfect moment to meditate. All you'll hear is the smooth sound of the water and birds chirping.
It was a beautiful sight. I hope that the people of Aurora will double their efforts on preserving this gift God has given them.
The whole area where the Mother Waterfalls is located was filled with mist. Cameras that are not waterproof will not survive the misty mountain. In my case, I have a waterproof casing. But I had to do it manually so in order to take shot I  removed the cover. It was a once in a lifetime experience, I really don't know when are we coming back or if. I took the risk.

Photographers were kind enough to set up a small tent and left it permanently. But the tent wasn't really a saving grace, because there were holes, it eased up things a bit but  water was still dripping everywhere. I guess it's up to the person's approach. With a tripod and several dry shirts from our friends, I managed to take a good shot. Well,  it's good enough for me.

I don't have a picture with the Mother Waterfalls, but being able to capture the beauty and power of mother nature with my very own eyes and hands working on the camera... it was the greatest.
The Magnificent: Ditumabo Falls
The Mother Waterfalls also acts as an energy resource. The Municipality of San Luis, has a 1.2 megawatt hydroelectric power generation system to provide sustainable power to neighboring villages.

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