The Change That's About To Begin

16 May 2011

Just a few days back I made a shoutout on Plurk and Facebook that this site (Sweet Nothings) will undergo changes. I thought that a short blog about it will give you guys an idea. 

To start, I've moved back to my blogspot address. 

I'm not asking everyone to update your blogrolls. Well, Blogger will automatically redirect everything in this case. Part of my goal this year and for the next coming years is a free flowing online journal. Living the purpose why I created this blog. But I am open to link blogs that are on the same category as mine and websites that I'll  find useful and interesting.

Advertisers are welcome.
In a few weeks, I will be announcing the reason for this sudden change. The content will also be different because it is going to be more exciting, filled with more family stories and I will be sharing  my personal inspirations in life.

I'm just facing reality. As much as wanted to create a new website, I can't. Managing more than 2 blogs is going to take so much of my family time. This site make-over is the best and creative way on introducing a new chapter of my life. I love change. And even if I embrace change, I still take a piece of what I've started  and the reasons how things came to life with my previous entries.

To end: I thank The One Above for the continuous blessings and for a new journey I'm about to take with my 2 boys... It is going to be wonderful.

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