An Extraordinary Mother's Day

14 May 2011

Our Mother's Day celebration turned out differently this year. As always, we plan something special for our mom on Mother's Day. It's either we eat in a restaurant of her choice or we cook food for her at home. Mother's Day 2011 was different and extraordinary because none of what was mentioned above pushed through. We weren't able to eat in a restaurant and we weren't able to cook for our mom plus, with a typhoon named Bebeng headed our direction.

Saturday morning, May 7, 2011 the sun was out and the sky didn't show a single sign of heavy rains and strong winds. I was tasked to make reservations in one of the restaurants in High Street Global City. Choosing a restaurant was a bit hard because I was coordinating with my brother who wanted something extra special for our mom, and at the same time, I was also trying to coordinate with my parents and the rest of the family for the time and the remaining activities that we're going to do after. To make the long story short, I ended up not making any reservations at all and waited for my mom's call about her plans instead. It's Mother's Day, it's best if our mom gets to decide on what she wants.
From Global City, the final plan was to have lunch in Sm Megamall. Sunday afternoon, Mother's Day,  it started raining hard and suddenly I felt very sick. The rain flooded most streets in an instant. It was a bit of a struggle for us, because we all wanted to be together for Mother's Day. My mom even called us not to come anymore because of the heavy rains.
But nothing stopped us. In case all roads are impassable, then we will do a sleepover. So, we still went to see our mom and celebrated a rainy Mother's Day.
Along the way, I was coordinating again with everyone on what food to bring. I ended buying dessert, my mom cooked spaghetti and my brother's Ver and Nano bought chicken.

Mother's Day is a yearly celebration that's very special to me. No matter what the case is, I will be there for my mom and I will make sure that she is honored on this day. There's a reason why Mother's Day was created. People say, why wait for Mother's Day when we can thank our moms everyday. Mother's Day is a day when our moms feel extra special. It's the time of the year when they know deep inside that they're honored for their labor of love for the family. I wait for Mother's Day because I want my mom to remember that on this day, she will always be honored for bringing us to this world and  most especially, for raising us her children   to be God-fearing, God-Loving human beings. I look up at my mom so much. Everytime I'm asked on how "I can stand" staying at home 24/7 with all the circus of chores and not a breath of life from the outside world (note: How I can Stand---I don't know why some people look at being a housewife as a terrible thing. But I do understand where these people are coming from).

My answers are very simple: My mom trained me well and I manage my life well.

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Chris said...

hello enchie! you can link this with our mommy moments today :)

happy mother's day!