I Am Sticking With Sweet Nothings

18 May 2011

It's everywhere, I know, also confusing. So I was going through the process of the so-called "change" I wanted to make for this blog. As I was doing the planning, I found out that it would be impractical for me to make the adjustments.

1. I have Sweet Nothings registered to advertisers.
2. Though I have removed my Followers section, another realization is that I might get other readers confused. And I  want to give my readers a hassle-free visit.
3. Sweet Nothings already made a mark in the blogosphere. Not so much compared to some, but I know deep in my heart as the author. 

With these, I am sticking to Sweet Nothings. The only thing that's going to upgrade are the stories.
Thank you for the continuous visits.


Mary Ann Moreno-binuya said...

Hi Enchie! Kamusta? I'm back!

Jona said...

righty! you've made a mark, Enchie. when my eye passes by on the title sweet nothings, I remember you and this blog :D

nurseabie said...

Sweet Nothings is already in our heart.