Sabang Beach Baler, Aurora

18 May 2011

One thing I love about Baler? it's not commercialized---yet. Sabang Beach is the main beach resort of Baler. It is a sanctuary to surfing enthusiasts. We visited Sabang Beach on a Saturday. There's not much people around, considering that it's Holy Week and people are expected to go out on vacation. Swimming is only allowed until 6 o' clock in the evening. At night, we can hear the loud roar of waves that could be more than 3 feet high.
The beach is located along Baler Bay which faces the Philippine Sea. Since it's open water, we were advised to stay along the shoreline. The water current is strong, it can pull a small kid out to the ocean. Sabang Beach is equipped with lifeguards and surfing instructors who are always keeping an eye on beach goers and first time surfers.
I guarantee you, it is safe just don't go beyond the perimeter line.
The water in Sabang Beach is not as clear because of the brown sand, but it is very clean.
For Baler visitors, Sabang beach is a good destination for summer it is near the town proper. Entrance is for free. You can  go camping. But they don't have cottages and picnic tables along the beach. You can bring your own food and of course,  guests should keep their space clean and in order all the time. There are designated trash cans or it's best to bring your excess back home. They have small restaurants and eateries that serve good food for a reasonable price.
 Try Bay's Inn, we love it!

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