Live Your Dream: Just Dance !

25 May 2011

Thoughts Of My Teenage Dream
I was 13 years old when I started to like dancing. I was attending a traditional school, an all-girls school before my parent's noticed that I wasn't blooming in an old- school environment. I was transferred in Montessori and there, I was able to come out of my shell. Since there's only a bunch of students in Montessori, I was able to take leadership in most activities, especially on small performances. I embraced the moment I had and yes, I did had dreams of performing on a big stage in big events with people cheering.
One group that inspired me throughout this journey was The Manoeuvres. Of course I got familiar with them because they were the famous dance group of Gary Valenciano. But before anything else, I also got inspiration through an old friend of mine (you know who you are) thank you...

High school, I was at my peak. I was choreographing my own dance group. I was leading every school performance and our dance was always one of the much awaited. But as I was approaching the path towards a heavier goal in school (college) I decided to stop. 

Now, as I watch my sister open herself 100% just for the love of dancing, it made me think a little: 

1. I might just made the wrong decision to stop dancing 13 years ago.
2. Why didn't I open myself, both body and mind to support my ♥ for dancing.
3. Come to think of it, I really didn't have a clear reason why I stopped.

If high school was full with opportunities to grow in the field of dancing, college has more to offer and I've let it go just like that.
My Sister Fulfilling My Dream
My younger sister Les has been active with dancing since first year high school. Like me, she's been joining school activities and even dance contests. This summer, she thought of enhancing her skills by attending a dance workshop. When my sister asked me to accompany her with her dance lessons with Dance Planet Studio, I didn't hesitate anymore. I was very eager to witness on what has become of the trend in dancing.

Dance Planet Studio was born last October 10, 2010. It is located at the G/F Broadway Centrum, New Manila Quezon, City. Dance Planet Studio is managed by Senior member of The Manoeuvres Jon Supan. Where the present members of The Manoeuvres are the dance instructors. 
I really didn't know that my sister will train under the group Manoeuvres. When I saw Jon Supan, I said to myself: I know this guy. I've seen him before. That's when my sister told me that she will be training under The Manoeuvres. I got pretty excited because I have always dreamed of taking serious dance lessons when I was her age and it just so happen she chose the dance group that inspired me when I was into dancing myself.
May 22, 2011 was my sister's dance recital. She trained for Teen Street Dancing for more than a month.
I'm very proud of her. She pushed on fulfilling what she truly loves and she continued on believing with the talent she have. After her training, she is now preparing for a big dance contest with her dance group.

Here are the geniuses behind  my sister's recent achievement and success of Dance Planet Studio.
The Manoeuvres
The Manoeuvres
With Jon Supan (Jon-jon Supan)
Manager, Senior member of The Manoeuvres
(choreographer / administrator)
The Maneuvers celebrated their 25th Anniversary last year with a grand performance in Party Pilipinas with both new and senior members.

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