There and Back Again At The Cliffhouse

04 November 2011

The Cliffhouse has always been our favorite spot every time we visit Tagaytay City. The Cliffhouse located along General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City, offers a more private venue for tourists and folks of Batangas City. 
We discovered The Cliffhouse through a very close friend of ours. Early this year, my husband and I spent a short getaway with our friends in Tagaytay City. Before going home, we decided to make a quick run of  the places that we haven't  visited in Tagaytay, and one of them was The Cliffhouse. I consider this tourist spot as a place of Zen. It's quiet, it's clean, the view is spectacular, restaurants within the area offers scrumptious dishes... everything a person is looking in a quick getaway from city life is here.
This is the perfect choice if you're after a relaxing vacation. One can spend the whole afternoon, feeling the cool breeze while staring at the beautiful Taal Volcano.

I wanted to share this entry because 2 weekends in a row, I spent  most of  my time with my family at The Cliffhouse.
1. 2 weeks ago, we took our balikbayan relative from GA on a lovely trip to Tagaytay.
2. A week after, we went back to spend our long weekend in Tagaytay too.
Here are some random shots taken from The Cliffhouse.
Taken near our favorite spot, the very place where we first tried some Mochi from Mochiko.
Overlooking the whole Taal Lake, great view of the sunset too.
Everytime we go there, this white chair is always empty. It feels like for every visit we made, this particular spot was made ready for us. I mean, the place is always full with tourists and guests, and they just walk around this spot. And once we're about to leave, that's the time visitors rush just to get this seat. Nice right?
And this photo was the most recent. Taken by the fish pond. We decided to spend our long weekend in Tagaytay just to get rid of the stress and traffic within the city. We made the right decision. We left for Tagaytay City late in the afternoon. We looked for a hotel, had dinner and then we spent the rest of our night at The Cliffhouse.

I have about a month to go before I give birth. My husband and I plan to make the most of the time remaining by going on relaxing trips such as this.

Next trip: Laiya Batangas! 

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