Another Flip Flop Story: Love Toeberries

21 November 2011

For the past weeks, I've been hanging out with my sisters. And when the youngsters take leadership on organizing an activity within the day, surely, the older ones will get a high dose of  what's latest in the market. One of those great finds we had are these cute pairs of  Toeberries. I have been seeing Toeberries in every local department store since last year. Well, it didn't attract me as much, because I still have my old Havaianas.

As far as I'm concerned, I stopped buying expensive rubber slippers in 2009. 1 or 2 pairs were enough.  With my younger sisters, they told me that they're not bothered whether their flip flops are from a famous brand or simply locally made. The important thing for them is that they're able to pull a whole outfit without trying too hard.

So how did I end getting myself some Toeberries? Read On...
I was at my usual weekend visit to my see my parents. That day, my husband had to go somewhere, which lead me and my son to take public transport going to my hometown. I was wearing my super old pair of black Havaianas Top. I arrived just in time at my parents' house, my slippers finally gave way and said goodbye. So I was in a dilemma where I had to buy temporary slippers just for the day. That's when I went to the nearest mall with my sisters and was able to find these cute Toeberries.
I bought 2 because it was being sold for a very affordable price of Php99 each. Very plain but they're adorable, especially for those who loves to try anything cute regardless of the brand. They also have it in purple. Comfort? I'd say 100% comfortable and it's soft.
In line with my Flip Flop story, just this month, 2 of my oldest Havaianas died on me... I was hoping that it will last for another 2 or 3 years... But hey,  for a pair of rubber slippers,  4 years is pretty long right?. I think they served their purpose well...

With this...

Now it's time to hoard some new pairs from All Flip Flops! Don't forget their last call, 40% off for a minimum of 2 pairs of Havaianas. Promo runs until November 30 2011.

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