21 November 2011

When you're stuck with nothing to do, listening to your favorite music... bored? maybe... fine, this happens. With just one click from viewing an old rose themed template to plain white.  I accidentally removed my old template without any backup. I got carried away when I saw the Google blah, blah, blah, new look check it out thing. I didn't know that if you click on a new template it will automatically apply (Dynamic Views). And on the upper right corner, that's where it says (back up/ restore) I tried restoring but nothing happened. Back up? I guess it's too late for that. And after my PC broke down last week, I am still in the process of gathering my old files including the template Ms. Carlota of My Web Blogs (the design of my permanent template since 2009). It sucks being stuck in this kind of dilemma. Oh man!

Anyway, just for thought and as I pull something good in this situation... Maybe it was meant to happen since my header was the picture of my son (my only child then), and considering that I'll be giving birth to my second child soon, I think it's about time to change and make space for the new members of my family. My second baby boy and of course our adorable Beagle Emo joining my eldest son.

Everything that happened tonight was crazy with mixed feelings. I felt sad because my old template was a gift from a fellow blogger. Then suddenly,  I was feeling hopeful and creative with a little hint of excitement after realizing what's about to take place on December. My life will change again. It's a start, it's an opportunity to share stories, (new stories) about my extraordinary life.

I say: I'm ready to introduce this new chapter of my life...

The Extraordinary Life of an Extraordinary Woman

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