Saturday Chillin' Out

08 November 2011

It was a rainy weekend when one of our friends invited everyone for a meet up in one of the restaurants in High Street Fort Bonifacio. It's been a long since we saw each other. It's like every month we make plans to see each other, but for my husband and me, as we all know, I have been preserving my strength since the first trimester of my pregnancy. For most, they've been pretty busy with work, so none of our plans pushed through for the past months.

With our recent get together, 2 of my husband's high school classmates joined us for the very first time.

To Anne and Amanda: It was really nice to finally meet you guys. Wish we could have spent more time last Saturday.
Our rendezvous last Saturday started with dinner at the Texas Road House. Our get together was also in celebration of Rachel and Khamila's birthday. Quite a treat I must say... Thank you guys! Of course, I stuffed myself with different fruit juices. The guys had beer and boy they make me jealous. Ha! and yes, definitely, we will have a  whole new session once I give birth, can't wait to have a taste of that San Miguel Premium again.
The night was filled with laughter. It was raining hard, it was already late, but we took our time just hanging out talking about married life, being single and the joy of having kids. It's one person inspiring another.
As for me and my husband, we can say that our short vacation break was well worth it. Especially, that we were able to spend time with our friends as our grand finale.

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