Keeping The Christmas Spirit

24 November 2011

November 25 exactly a month from now, we will be one  with the rest of the world celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the time of the year when everyone is very excited to buy decorations and presents to share with love ones and friends. The coolest season within the year when everyone's on break spending quality time with the family, joyous moments with friends and rewarding oneself with happiness and fulfillment. This year, my family and I are looking forward to 2 things.
1. Christmas
2. The birth of` our  baby boy Immanuel.
By the looks of it, preparing for both occasions is going to be a big task. I started organizing by sticking to our motif  Red & Gold. All in all, for the past 7 years we have been celebrating Christmas, we have 4 sets of colors to mix and match. Blue, Silver, Red and Gold. Red & Gold has always been presented as the colors of Christmas so we're doing it again. The Christmas menu will turn out to be the simplest, thinking that I might give birth on Christmas Day itself. If that's going to be the case, a small salo-salo in the hospital will do, and when we get home, my mom offered to prepare for a double celebration. Whatever may come, we will make sure that there's still something special served on the table this holiday season. Gifts? that's the hardest part... God help me because each day as I reach my due date, it gets heavier and heavier for me. It's hard to move around the mall searching for the perfect gift for our friends and love ones, especially with the crowd too. It may look difficult for a pregnant woman to handle these things, but as I assess the situation, you know what, if one will greatly consider that sometimes we have to give way from the things we're used to, the over-all scenario will turn out to be relaxing, there's no stress at all. My priority now is the baby that I'm about to deliver soon. And yes, God is helping me because for starters, I was able to create an atmosphere here at home clearly stating both, that Christmas is just around the corner and a baby is coming along.

An advance present to our family this Holiday Season. Another extraordinary experience given to me as I become a Mother to 2 little boys. To my family, as we celebrate Life this year.

So how's your preparation for the holidays coming along?

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simply kim said...

at the moment? we haven't had any preparation yet, lol! but the excitement, of course, is starting to build up..

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