Now It's The Fingernails

05 November 2011

After mastering my own toenails, here I am trying my best to do my fingernails. When it comes to color, I prefer lighter shades. A nude polish is highly considered. I finally thought that I needed to get my fingernails done too with or without the help of the experts. I'm not really used to having my fingernails done. Maybe once a month but most of the time, there's got to be an occasion for it. It all started when I was in college, in line with my course I don't get my fingernails done because I handle food most of the time. After graduating I took a breather and was able to experience getting regular manicure. I must admit, it is fun to get both manicure and pedicure with your favorite shade.
That breather turned out to be a short one because I went back to school and took up Nursing. And in the medical field, sanitation is part of our #1 concern, so I ended leaving my nails bare and short again. When I got married, I maintained my short and fuzzy- looking fingernails because I'm handling a kid. So much stories about my fingernails right?

People would tell me, "have your nails done once in a while, it would be cool". And I really appreciate the concern these people are showing for my itsy bitsy set of nails. So I began doing my own fingernails 3 weeks ago. Like my toenails, A Pedicure At Home it may not be as perfect like the ones being done by the expert, but it turned out just fine. Now I'm ready to go and show- off my little work of art and I might just start shopping for  nail polishes in different shades too.

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