Celebrating An Extraordinary Life

26 October 2011

In celebration of this blog's 3rd Anniversary, after a picture or two of my baby bump, here I am again, this time, with a big smile sharing how happy and grateful I am for this wonderful journey. In a few months, I will be heading into the brand new world of being a mother, not only to a child but to two precious little boys.
As I Enter My Third Trimester... I thank the Lord for giving me this extraordinary journey...
How Extraordinary?
It was a challenge at first but I was graced with peace of mind that everything will turn out just fine... and here I am, officially celebrating my 7th month being pregnant. I can't wait for the day when I'm going to be holding both my little boys. Motherhood is a gift and a blessing. The whole process of child bearing makes a woman's world stop and makes her glance at what life is all about. The purpose and reason why she was created by God and the mystery behind the overwhelming joy of the experience.
I radiate love and happiness.
Everything is getting better every day.
Right now, I am having this unexplainable level of happiness... maybe because when everyone else is going to celebrate the holidays their usual way, here I am at with a bigger family, celebrating not only the birth of Christ on December... but also the birth of my very own son at this special time of the year... A bigger family, a new beginning, a whole new level, understanding and appreciating the deeper value of life and love and another path on becoming a better person worthy of the new life granted by our Creator.

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