W0W's Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

13 December 2011

No I haven't given birth to my second child yet.
No I wasn't out doing any last minute Christmas Shopping.
No, I wasn't cooking...
And Yes, I am playing online again this time under a new World of Warcraft guild.
My husband and I purposely got ready for the baby about 2 months ago. That way, on my 9th month, I won't be thinking of random stuff anymore. All we have to do is wait whenever the baby is ready to rock 'n' roll. We both want to be relaxed as we welcome our second child this month.

I enjoy playing with my new guild. A close friend invited me and my husband to move to a different realm in the Warcraft Universe. I was originally from Cho'gall. I gotta be honest, the players I work with are more friendly and they're nicer in the realm where we're at right now. There's less stress and we can work on things like raids, dungeons and even plain questing without any complaints.

So W0W has been keeping me busy lately...

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