Baler Surf

01 June 2011

Summer of 2011 is now considered as the best summer in my life. Everytime somebody mentions BALER, I always relate it as a remote island. An exotic place. When I found out that Baler is included in the Top 3 surfing capitals of the Philippines, I knew immediately, that our trip is going to be an unforgettable one.

To begin, Baler, Aurora is located at the Northeastern sea board of the Philippines facing the Pacific Ocean. The location alone, explains why the waves of Baler is ideal for surfing. Every year, Baler hosts The Aurora Surfing Cup. It is a three-day competition involving other events like a surfing clinic.
We are very lucky to be present while the Surfing Instructors were around. First look, even without their instructor shirts, you'll know that these guys are professional surfers.
In Baler, surfing waves are present all year round. But we were told that the best months for surfing is from October- February.

The typhoon season coincides with the wet season from mid-June to November, although there are occasional typhoons in December. The area of Aurora is visited by typhoons at least 3 or 4 times a year. The typhoons blow in from the Pacific brought by the South-West Monsoon, through the South China Sea. -source-

We visited Baler April of this year. The waves are still big, well, just enough to give visitors a chance to learn how to surf.

My Surfing Experience 
I never thought that I'll learn how to surf. Surfing for me is beyond my reach. I see surfing in other places like Miami and Hawaii, big guys with big surf boards battling gigantic waves.

The day we went to Sabang Beach Baler, all I thought about was to spend my day relaxing and lounging by the beach. The guys were all set to take surfing lessons. But the mommy in me took over the excitement until my friend Janel encouraged me to join her so that girls can try it too. So we waited for our husbands to return and look after Franky while the ladies hit the waves. It's best to wear a rash guard so that movement is easier. Bikini tops are not advised, please wear something over it.
With my surf instructor Earl

Earl is also my husband's instructor. Earl is very detailed when it comes to giving instructions. And once in open- water he also gave us tipr on how to stay afloat in case a bigger wave comes in and the surfer is not ready, the tricks on handling a surf board and how a surf board can be useful in emergency cases.
First time, first try? It was awesome! 
 The rush was unexplainable.
All I wanted to do was to surf the whole day.
Yet again, I made another extraordinary discovery: that surfing is an awesome water sport here in the Philippines; that anyone can become a surfer; that Baler is just a few hours away if you're looking for fast action.
My husband and I are very proud of each other, because we opened ourselves to something new that only few people have the guts to try--- surfing.


Mary joy said...

Been following your blog... Always looking forward to reading your posts-:)))btw, ganda ng mga shots mo while surfing. Hope we could exchange links. Thanks-:))

imriz said...

wow, what an adventure. our town neighbors aurora province but we never get the chance to go there.

Joy said...

wow! galing naman you know how to surf already. :)