So This Is How We Celebrated Christmas

05 January 2011

Our Christmas celebration has always been about family.  Joseph and Mary was gifted with their own when Christ was born. And that's what we honor as one unit... because of Christ, we are blessed to have a complete family every Christmas Day.
The night of December 24, 2010, I prepared a small feast.  We had Lasagna, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Fruit Salad, Decadent Cake, Roasted Rib Eye Steak, Crispy Chicken Fillet with Mayo-Garlic Sauce, Queso de Bola, Holiday Ham, and my Leche Flan.
Gifts from friends and relatives surrounded our small tree. A few weeks before Christmas, this section of our humble home was empty. And in a day or 2, suddenly it was filled with presents.
Most of the gifts went to our son. We spent on  things that he really loves and  stuff that will enhance his skills. My husband and I divided the tasks. I came up with a set of Crayola's Kids Art Tool, which includes a 96 ct. Crayola Crayons, Crayola Explosion, a 24 piece set of Crayola  Twistables and a drawing book. From his dad, instead of getting our son his own PSP, we decided to lower it down to a Game Boy. Kids at this age should be out running around, nature tripping, listening to music and spending time with arts and crafts. But with the modern trend, we still got him a Game Boy just to make him feel that he is not being left out. We know the feeling... been there lol!.

This year's Christmas celebration was filled with so much happiness, contentment and surprises. We look forward on Christmas because we also take it as an opportunity to give thanks on the moments given to us throughout the year. It is actually the best time to look back, take a few minutes and meditate on the events that made you, as a person complete and what made the family stronger than ever.

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Chris said...

what wonderful photos.. can really see the love :) great to hear you had a blessed Christmas! :D