After A Short Break...

22 January 2011

For those who are wondering why this site was not accessible for the past week, here is the answer. It all started on Facebook. I took precautionary measures to save my accounts and to prevent these culprits from stealing my identity.


3 days ago, I received a notice from Facebook, that a log-in attempt was made from Makati using my account. A hacker in action. It continued for 3 days, which forced me to close Sweet Nothings temporarily, until everything is secured again. This was not the first time when someone or a group of people tried to steal account information from yours truly. Aside from my websites, Facebook is the only personal account I am presently maintaining. How personal? Well, whatever you read on my blogs, those are just parts of a more colorful journey which I share with my close friends and relatives.

Phishing, hacking, identity theft, these are risk once you start making online transactions. But this time around, I felt very uncomfortable. The fact that I don't have a single clue why, made me nervous.  Of all the bloggers, and of all the Facebook users, these questions bothered me: Why me? what's so special with my account? I've been at my best since I started blogging following all the security measures online.

This hacker was very persistent.  It continued for 4 days, at least before I deleted my Facebook. Whoever you are, stop this nonsense, you won't get anything from me.  I can get rid of anything that may become a threat to me and my family, even if I need to give up the things I am very passionate about.

Some people had it worse. In my case, the hacker was not able to access my account, thanks to Facebook's preventive measures. But it didn't end here. After closing Sweet Nothings, I found out that a link from my food blog was being viewed from a Facebook account. For sure, this person may have been trying so hard to get through my blogs too. But thank you for linking my food blog on your Facebook. Eventually, I had to close From My Kitchen and Beyond as well.

Now, Sweet Nothings is back... I'll take it slowly. It's a free world. It's up to me to create posts that can still be interesting and exciting to read. But at the same time, security is there. Pictures are going to be lessened , and over-all, everything is going to be moderated for now.

It's always healthy to have a fresh start. A little change in- between our busy lives. It's good to be able to take a rest from going online. I gotta be honest, it's like I'm back with life without the internet. I may have lost my Facebook, but my family and friends will always be there with or without Facebook.


Chris said...

it is always best to be secure... take care Enchie!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Nice to see you back! I surely miss reading your blog because I envy your way of writing, I think I told you that many times,lol!
That FB incident also happened to one of our fellow church member, someone log in to his account from the Phils and he was so surprised bec him, the real owner was blocked in logging in to his own account and he did the same thing like you, just create another account.
Cyberworld is not really safe, it is still up to us how much info we put in there for the world to see.