A Courteous Little Boy

24 January 2011

My son knows how to ask permission.
My son knows when to say: "excuse me"
My son says "please" if needs and wants something. He waits until he is told to.
My son says "thank you" and "welcome".
With a simple cough or sneeze, my son will ask you: " are you okay?"
My son helps any person in need. A kid drops his toys, he will stop and help the kid.
My son doesn't know how to fight... he'll just ignore the sad little monster. Later on, you'll be surprise, that  the sad little monster is his new playmate.
My son is a contented person. He never asks  for more, and he greatly appreciates the small things we give him.

These are my greatest achievements in life as a person and as a parent. At this early stage in life... having a courteous little boy around makes me a proud mother. I am a happy mom, because I am able to raise a child who's loving, caring, patient and kind... Witnessing these values grow in him is the most rewarding part as a parent. When he was just a baby, I think of  simpler situations. Like wanting him to stop with bottle-feeding, or potty train him as soon a possible. But after all that, it's the child's personality that really matters. It's the Being in him that must be guided towards the right path. And it's true , that we parents greatly affect that personality. How we discipline and educate our children and the attention and time we give them. 

I must admit, when my husband and I were starting, I had thoughts and troubles if I will be able to raise a good child. I'm just human, I've never taken this road before.
The simple gestures of my son is showing at the age of 6 are precious to me
 It only means that I am on the right path with him...


Chris said...

these are truly great achievements for a mom... :) congratulations to you and Dolf.. you are indeed on the right track!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Frankie is growing up as a well-mannered boy and it all reflect on how his parents is raising him, and it's very obvious, you're doing an awesome job!