An Afternoon Of Frisbee

06 January 2011

It was quite a workout I must say, and we're not even in any of our sports wear. Imagine running and jumping around in slippers. It was also my son's first time to play Frisbee. This could become a regular workout. It's easy, it's fun and it is an activity fit for everyone.
A good recreational activity. It nurtures the relationship between family members and improves the motor skills of a child.
To make the story extraordinary, it was also my first time to throw a Frisbee. Believe it or not. And please take note that safety is always considered even in the simple game of Frisbee. It's best to play within a secured place, wearing  proper attire like a pair of good running shoes and armed with bottles of water. Have fun!


Chris said...

great idea enchie.. :) one of our goals this year is to be fit.. so frisbee could be a nice start!

rjs mama said...

is that a park? where is that located, looks like it far from the pollution of metro manila :)

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