A Colorful Surprise

12 January 2011

While welcoming 2010, we were a bit sad, because we needed to move to a new location right after the New Year. For the past 6 years, the condo we lived in gave us the most amazing fireworks display every New Year. These fireworks we looked forward to each year came from all parts of the metro. Imagine our building located in the middle of Quezon City, we go to the rooftop and there, we watch the communities that surrounds us lighting and displaying fireworks of all kinds. It was a lovely sight.

Now, that we're in a different place and when we thought that we will never be able to watch some fireworks on New Year's Eve...  these came by surprise...
We were overwhelmed by these wonderful colors... A positive sign that a great year maybe waiting for us. My blog post just a few days ago A Year Set Without Expectations was inspired by this experience. And it feels great. I mean, we weren't expecting it, but look what happened. To add,  during our New Year's Eve celebration, another blessing happened, something unexpected, (which I'll keep as a secret) gave us our ultimate year ender.

On a personal note, I saw the beauty of not setting any expectations at all. Most of the time, we plan, and there's nothing wrong with that. I know, it's looks and sounds impossible to live a life without expectations. As a stay at home mom, my life is so simple that I can afford to put myself in various unexpected loops and turns in life. I believe I have nothing to lose and that's one of the blessings I am cherishing. Fear, being lost and the struggle of detaching one's self are humbling moves to make us stronger and wiser. A renowned author once shared with my husband, that it's Not Time we manage to be able to cope with life... it's The Life given to us that needs managing in order to survive and to be able live in this world without undergoing too much adversities.

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Chris said...

wow, that is beautiful!