My Little Boy's Thomas Creation

31 January 2011

My son got his first Thomas Train set back in 2008. That time we were just aiming for the idea of our son experiencing on having his own train set. 
We really didn't know that Thomas and Friends will develop a more interesting set up for both the kids and those young at heart.
I have been posting that my son is so into Thomas and Friends, but I never really shared any of his creations. To be honest, we've been visiting various toy stores looking for hard to find train tracks or track set which comes in different sizes and lengths. Building an unusual train station was quite a challenge because it's a little pricey and most toy stores have limited supply of rare train tracks and accessories for Thomas Trains. They only have the basic train tracks. 
For the past holiday season, we went our way and visited almost every toy store within the city. Toy Town in Eastwood City, Toy Kingdom (Podium, Megamall, MOA, North EDSA, and SM Department Store's Toy Section). Not to forget, Toys R Us (Shangri-la, Galleria and Alimall). We were lucky enough to find a box set of tracks and accessories for Php1200. Other than that, we bought some more tracks sold separately for Php100-300 each.
"Building" itself is a form therapy for my family. We like creating things together. Especially my boys. My job is to keep the whole place clean all the time.
And my little boy's latest creation is this set I'm sharing with you today. It took him 15 minutes with the help of his dad. From the bedroom, I asked him to transfer it in the living room. And it took him 10 minutes (alone) to create the exact set which he created with his dad earlier. Other than the Thomas Train set, my son added other toys to make the whole thing look like a city with matching Transformers cars. Now we have a happy Thomas!


jellybelly said...

That's a great way of encouraging creativity and it grows with your son. Love his smile in the second pic. He looks so happy to have found the train set :)

ceemee said...

Wow! Galing! It's like LEGO rin pala.

Chris said...

really wonderful way to encourage creativity! :D my daughter builds the set of his brother! LOL but i do hope someday, my son will be able to build the set on his own! :D

simply kim said...

wow! AWESOME toy!!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Galing naman ni Frankie! Kendrick loves Thomas as well.I think most boys do.