The Flying House Collection

05 January 2011

From one generation to another...

This was one of my favorite cartoons I grew up with, not to forget Superbook (stories from the Old Testament). I was browsing on a bunch of Dvds on sale from Astroplus when I saw this lost set of Flying House collection. I wasn't able to get the last copy of Superbook,  but it's okay, better than nothing at all... and I was told that Astroplus will sell more copies, so Superbook will follow soon.

I was literally jumping for joy. I have been looking for this set for a very long time. I did several research on possible sellers, I even looked online if I'm lucky enough to download it.

 We were having fun, playing hide and seek, when a summer storm appeared
Corkey got afraid, when it started to rain
Then we came upon a house, should we go inside and hide
Come on and go with us, Lord who knows where
It’s so fun to fly through time in the flying house
Oh, it’s great to fly in the flying house
I just want to get back home again

It's such a big deal on having a copy. I'm able to share a part of my childhood with my son. When I was a kid, I never missed an episode. I would always ask my mom if I could eat my snack in front of the television while watching and promised to finish my food.  Of course she'll agree to that because it's all about Jesus and I always finish the food on my plate everytime I watch it.

It's so nice to bring some old memories back.  I'm watching it again in full color, on a bigger screen  and with my little boy.

*This Flying House Set contains 4 volumes with 8 episodes. It holds stories from The New Testament.


Chris said...

wow, finally! i am looking for this series myself... :)

Richard said... has The Flying House and Superbook complete series on Dvd