Christmas Ball for 2010

22 December 2010

Every year, we are graced with one of the most prestigious, amazing and rockin' Christmas Party. We started joining this Christmas Party last 2008. It started with a Hollywood Theme that was held at the Intercontinental Hotel. 2009, was one of my favorites, it was a Pirates' Christmas Ball, and we were partying in a cruise ship.

2010,  my husband was part of the group who prepared for this year's theme. Those sleepless nights and tiring weeks of preparation were all worth it. Come to think again, it's always worth it.

The much awaited Christmas Ball for 2010: Titans' Christmas Ball.
We didn't put too much effort on our costumes... we've been busy with various activities for the past month. But still, we were able to produce outfits that matched the Titans' Theme.  

Hair: thanks to my sister Les
Accessories: from my mom
Make-up: no make-up at all 
 Photobooth here, there and everywhere!
It was a wild night of unlimited drinks, food and dancing. A Starbucks Coffee Bar, Fiorgelato, Krispy Kreme, for the coffee lovers and for those who has an appetite for sweets.
The band was great! It was awesome! We Danced The Night Away to the music of the 80’s (Pop-New Wave), 70’s and the 90’s hits.
Route 70 Band and The Authority Band lead by Juan Miguel Salvador. December 2005, the Authority Band won the Global Battle Of The Bands represented the country in London.
To complete the night, our World of Warcraft Guild was united, the best part, with new players. One of our guild members won the grand prize for Best in Costume, he came as the Cracken and won an iPad.

Now, that's totally W0W!!!

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