Pine Cones Make Wonders

02 December 2010

I spent my long weekend with my family in Baguio City. Also known as "The Summer Capital of the Philippines" and "The City of Pines". One of the things I looked forward to in our trip, was to be able to pick some fresh Pine Cones. It brought back some childhood memories.
I grew up with my mom arranging pine cones as Christmas Decorations. My dad as a traveler around the country, would often bring home large amounts of pine cones for my mom. Some we would sell, but most are for keeps. And when I finally got to travel with my mom to Baguio, of course, picking up pine cones has become a highlight and enjoyment.
This year's set of decorations are more personalized. While picking up pine cones, I even called my mom just to tell her "mom, I'm picking up pine cones!" Pine cones, as they dry up releases a certain pine scent. The colder it gets, the more they'll make your home smell like Christmas. To be able to preserve the cool aroma, I  use essential oil in pine. A few drops will make it work for another year or two.  Being able to travel to Baguio was such a blessing, especially when the Holidays are getting nearer.

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Jona said...

what's about pines cones are the moments you share with your mom :D sarap nga naman ng amoy ng pine cones.
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