Terrible Friday

11 December 2010

I had a long day... long day waiting, waiting in traffic. Katy Perry to my ears while staring at some bumper, well, I was hoping that if I were to stare at some bumper, an interesting sticker would light things up a bit. But so sad... it was just a plain, rusty bumper. My Friday was pretty terrible. I started my Friday like any of my ordinary Fridays. I woke up, prepared breakfast, woke up my son, he dressed up for school, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth. At 10am in the morning, usually,  traffic along Ateneo is light to moderate. But this morning, this morning was far different. Both lanes of Katipunan Avenue were heavy. It was so bad, the line of cars went all the way to White Plains, the tunnel going to Libis and even the sides streets were full. My usual 15 minute drive extended to about an hour and 30 minutes.

After our long journey going to school, we finally made it.  But my adventure didn't end there, I had to go back and do some errands, and these were very important errands. Groceries, Bank, Petrol, and I haven't even taken anything yet since I woke up. Friday is an important day for me. Not only because it's the start of the weekend, but at this day, I get to use the car. And we all know that having a vehicle around  makes those errands easier to accomplish. I was driving... then the school secretariat called and told me that they will be extending for the day.

Note: pull over if you need to use your cellphone.

I was thankful in a way because I will have enough time,  I know my son is in good hands with his teacher. I relaxed a bit, took a different route. I was about 10-15 minutes away from my next destination, when my car came to a halt and got stuck in traffic once again. This time, it took me another 1 hour. I can do the groceries some other time, the bank can wait, but I need to put in Gas and I haven't taken anything since I left the house. Since the traffic was not moving, I decided to park near a Sari-sari store, and bought some munchies. I had breakfast in the car while waiting. I was a few minutes away from our house, so I skipped the groceries and went straight back home.

I know I'll be dealing with the very same traffic situation by the time I  pick my son from school, so I whipped up some tuna, hot rice and a bottle of Coca-Cola just in case I get stuck in traffic again. This my friends was an extraordinary experience. Any street, any main road, any loop and turn you make, traffic was terrible. And my hunch was right, I ate lunch in the car. We got home  from school around 3pm.

Driving manual is the safest yet it is the most tiring with the constant shifting of gears. My plans for the day were ruined. All I wanted to do when we got home was to lay down on our soft mattress and hug the softest pillow on the bed. Left my blogs with nothing. I skipped Food Trip Friday, a restaurant adventure story from our Baguio trip, upload photos in my Multiply and even passed on acknowledging some friends on my last shoutout on Facebook.

I hope traffic will not be as bad for the rest of the weekend. I lived in Quezon City for almost 7 years and counting, but I've never encountered something this bad. To count, it's just 30 minute drive to and from my son's school at any day.

But today, life gave me an additional of 3 hours and 30 minutes to make a little of  my Friday extraordinary.

Can't wait for Saturday, I wonder what's in store for me?

Let's all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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